ZR is the easiest, silliest 24man in the Blade And Soul

Improving the boss drop rewards in ZR will just make more afk/vouging leechers. Adding more rewarding drops to Mandate will also just encourage more leeches to ZR.
Adding a buff/debuff per boss kill will further push players away from even bothering with ZR especially as Mandate becomes mostly irrelevant.

Seems all possible options needs to be taken:
-make ZR mini bosses and challenge mobs more rewarding to encourage players to help out (more exp, possible/better loot)
-explore buff/debuff options to require players to assist with the EASY boss-spawn challenges or require the buff for players to get a loot box
-make Mandate more compelling loot-wise
-explore changing the entry method for Mandate such as 1 scale per player or a blue/dynamic quest with a good loot box for the player who gives the scale
-add good daily quests for trash mob kills (it’s WIERD that there’s an invasion of this capitol city and we aren’t asked to play pest control)

ZR is the easiest, silliest 24man in the game: it’s the quickest (~30 mins to kill all if active), only 3 boss kill quests, fast boss spawns.
There’s none of the BS that ppl hate in the other 24s (beside leeches): no 30 min wait timer, no kill-same-bosses 9 times, no party-tag only quest kills, no slow slow respawn rates. It’s almost what ppl have asked for in fixing the other 24s. But still …. can’t be bothered.

All you have to do is clear 2 challenges and 2 mini-bosses to get the big guy +% for 1 more. Add player-spawn boss on the side, easily done between challenge-line repops. That’s IT. And most people just stand there doing nothing for IDK how long, waiting for others to do the work. If they helped, 30mins, then out. Done. Go do something else. But no, stand around for a couple of hours waiting for a handful of suckers. In the game where players whine about having to “carry” others who are working on improving.

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