You have to actually learn how to play your class


So how did i get to this point? Practice! It will be hard at first but you have to keep working on your skills. However, if you don’t have all the HM skills (expect Z b/c not needed) you shouldn’t be attempting ToI as a Soul fighter. Get your HM rmb the one with PvP cobalt punch, and learn how to cc chain. Watch what other SF’s do in ToI, copy their builds. The npc’s are not the problem, your game play is. Higher ap isn’t going to really help you if you can’t use it effectively. I got driven outfit with 650 ap, so with 660 you should have no problem.

I’m going to be blunt, you have to actually learn how to play your class rather than button mashing to kill things after a certain point. The game does require mechanics, not just throwing cash at it and thinking that’ll be enough to be fine in the game.

Anyways, for Tower of Infinity it’s a mix of PvE and PvP. PvE being you have to deal a good amount of damage in a short amount of time and PvP being you have to keep the NPCs in CC chains to get the most damage output. This requires a lot of practice and patience since it all comes down to timing and using your best judgement in certain situations.

Let me tell you a secret, ToI is a pure PVE content because you are fighting against an NPC who is the same class as you, but its driven by scripts with precision. They are programmer to use the right skills at the right time, reading your movements and actions. The only difference is the gear they have compared to yours. Your advantage? You are a human being and you can react differently in all kinds of situations. Use that and get better in your class, USE YOUR BRAIN, thats your advantage over the NPCs. The use the same scripts every single time, with different scenarios.

Above floor 20 most of them AI have no CD’s, hell the damn Sum uses bee’s AND sunflower! Some of them are straight up bugged: SF/SIN CC’s then runs to the other side of the room to totally waste your clock, etc. I did it long enough to get 2k crit def on my main, and alts, and now I don’t go. Add to that the fact they made a mess of the tokens and now it pointless.

I thought I was seeing things when a floor 30 summoner used both bee’s and sunflower. I run a a 618AP sum with most the HM skills, I go up against a summoner above floor 20 and I can watch them get off their hammer daze twice in the time it takes for mine to come off cool down. The lack of cool down and perfect ping can make them damn impossible. There is also something really wrong with some of the classes.. Training room warlock stage 5, every time I got them to about 20% hp I get one shot. First time I was full HP, one skill and I was dead instantly. Happened several more times before I just said screw this.

A destro in the actual tower did something similar. I had it to 2% HP, I was stunned but his full attention was on my cat a few feet away, cat was constantly hitting it and I was using it’s CC’s since I can while stunned. His HP didn’t move an inch… not even 1 point, screen glitched and I was dead from 3/4 HP. Hell server was glitching out all yesterday, Imperial tomb.. dropped down started fighting mobs, graphics vanished for a fraction of a second and boom.. dead..

Ncsoft needs to go back to the days of old where any major update they would run a PTS that select players that signed up could run on seperate basically Beta servers of the new patch and find all these glitches and bugs before it was implemented into the live game. The last PTS I remember is Kamael for Lineage 2, I ran that PTS and that is the last one I remember seeing them do. Once they stopped doing it every update was glitchy as hell.

it wont be fixed ever, they havent fixed anything relevant since the beginning of the game, look at the hp toi and mushin still have, its 8 months and everybopdy has been asking for it yet they do nothing, instead they bring an update nobody asked for and made bms super op, nobody has nerfed bd, classes are unbalaced af, they keep bringing rng inside rng inside another rng to the infinite.

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