Why you quit Blade And Soul?

Well, I’ve seen many complains about this game and I agree with most of them. Also want to know the reason(s) of those whom quit the game or are thinking about it.
I’ll give the first one, let me introduce:

Hello, my ign is Rogu and I’ve played on Master Hong. I was expecting for this game since the announced the project in KR (like maybe 10 yeas ago?) and so on now it released I feel sad for it. I have played since the official release here(19th January) and I enjoyed alot the game until last 2 weeks when I realized it’s not worth my time at all. Well, these are the reasons I quit:

-Reach maximum level is easy;

– Once you reach cap lvl the game feels dull, meaningless, you raise your gear to get better for PvE content and also for Open World PvP to try to get advantages(i.e. HM skills) in Arena PvP where your gear doesn’t matter at all. That didn’t bother me for the first look, I’ve played games with that system(e.g. Lunia) but when you feel the endgame and PvE game content doens’t feel rewarding at all, I guess there’s A problem. Nothing in PvE is challenging: you get a few dungeons to make(not difficult ones) and TONS of dailies that takes maybe 4-5h to make all of them, not also by their difficulties, but is about quantities and respawn time rates. However, I could afford that if Arena works (this is a PvP game right?), and I’ve what got in this whole month in Arena(not mentioning the balance, I’ll list this right away) is a unstable server located in the middle of nowhere, where nobody knows or live closer to, I guess it’s in Narnia just like an old wardrobe but I have my doubts. Every time I’ve played on peak hours I had constant crashes and matches that doesn’t start by not mentioning THE lag spikes(you may think it’s my problem, but it’s not, there are HUNDREDS of complains about it), and also, but not forgetful, the LAG in arena, seems that most of people have a higher ping there including me, an almost plat BD.

-The balance seems sometimes ridiculous, I know they are working it and in KR is pretty balanced for what some people say, but seriously, I don’t wanna play a game that has its potential to Esport thrown away, I don’t wanna wait 6 months till we get near KR’s patch and suffer this whole time with some ridiculous imbalances, I wouldn’t care if this game hadn’t some broken mechanics, this is the ONLY GAME that I’ve seem:

1- An assassin being capable of invisible or cloak(whatever) an entire match;

2- Ani cancels mechanics that can reap you from 100-0 in 3 seconds(that’s real, it won’t be fixed despite actually being a BUG);

3- Skills ranges that can across the entire Arena in some classes AND are unavoideable(e.g. Sin);

4- Classes hegemony over anothers in arena, 80% of all matches(I’ve played about 400) you play against less than a half of available classes by their stupid mechanics(Sins, Destroyers and Summoners), making the game really repetitive and exhaustive due to the efford to kill them and lack of variety;

5- OPness is very subjective so I won’t discuss deeply here but FM after 2/10th seems very strong.

– Almost non-existant Open World PvP, despite some other server having overwhelming faction power over others, it didn’t happen on Master Hong even crimsons being outnumbered, I could say Ceruleans kinda rule there.

I thought the game would be better after 2/10th, however just openend my eyes to the endless repetitive gameplay circle that this game enters in, it won’t get better, it will keep sucking your time just with some new dull dailies(also easy ones) and annoy you with the same issues just as Arena’s overpowered classes, lags and crashes, NCSOFT haven’t pronounced about these last ones so don’t expect to be fixed anytime soon.

In such a capable game to enter in a really big competitive scene this is such a lame.

Basically, for two years I spammed dailies in Tera and farmed the HELL out of the end-game dungeons for my equipment. I had plenty of gold, costumes, was well-geared (not BiS, but second-best). Finally, last October, after a slew of both game and personal related reasons, I quit playing, because the content was meaningless and all my friends had quit. the game was stale. I will admite, however, that I recently re-installed Tera because I saw the Ninja class and got kinda hype.

Now, come to Blade and Soul, and through the levelling process the game was an EXTREME breath of fresh air. Combat felt better, enemies weren’t constantly rehashed, the story wasn’t NEARLY as terrible (still bad tho). I enjoyed it very much, and made a goal each day out of hitting a milestone, or getting a certain soul shield completed, etc. $Even after hitting 45, doing BSC and E Fleet was still fun, even if getting to Profane was a bit of a struggle… didn’t even bother with Siren.

Then came Rising Waters… and that’s where I lost all interest. Moonwater stones being restricted to a shoddy crafting system is just blatant disregard for the NUMEROUS OTHER, FAR MORE FLESHED-OUT mechanics and content the game has to offer. And being forced to, otherwise, purchase them off of another players seems just a little ridiculous to me. Then, after discovering the sheer, mind boggling number of materials and gold I would need just to get to Siren, and THEN to Pirate? That would have been fine and dandy if I could have gotten soulstones and Moonwater stones through pure pve, rather than forced pvp or pseudo-pve faction dailies that require you to flag yourself. The struggle is not the mats required, the struggle is the means with which I get them

And so, due to a mixture of being overwhelmed and being reminded of why Tera was so bad, I quit indefinitely. if Black Desert is a disappointment, then I will return and grow a pair. otherwise, it collects digital dust on my desktop.

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