Why so alt/ new player unfriendly?

I am trying to find logic behind many gates, which prevent alt progression and cannot be overcome even by cash shop.


I am player who focuses on one main jn both PvE and PvP. However I enjoy playing alts as knowing other classes is huge part of PvP development.
It is also for me personally much more fun to make pvp dailies on my alts for soulstones then doing repetetive dailies. Occasionally i enjoy to play same encounter from different classes/roles. I am efficient with my gold that I can slowly fully upgrade one of my alts together with main. I do not buy gold, I sell a bit for hmcoins and spend on things like training certificates, exp soup nothing fancy . I am master pack owner and I would not mind to spend some more cash if it would make makes sense …

Pvp-wise alt can do quite well. They get PvP skill from zbeans. You have to get hmlevels… I would not mind to skip this part for alts but whatever. Don’t see point to start any competition with handicap and fight for being equal. Nowdays FPS shooter logic here for me…
I would not mind to do some PvE on alt. Reasons can be different, willing to try different type (ranged/melee) class in dungeons as your main is.
Doing soulstone plains on alt for reasons like 1 faction disbalance (dominance), because being melee is not rewarding there…
Here first gear requirements come to play.
Up to 45, most of the grind can be avoided by purchasing keys, buying soup, doing yellows… You do not need to even spend real money if u sell some gold for hmcoins.
I have still no problem here.
But now those gates behind emblems come into play (bsh/fleet), enigmatic belt to name few. You are even feeling punished being alt comparing to main, because of loot not dropping as it did before 50 lvl content – bsh accesorries , lab souslshields…
Now leveling from 45-49 is fast and easy but by ending story line at ch. 33 you are stuck at 49 unless again you grind dailies on alt. Why make use of those ilvl 50 blues soulshield and catch up a bit right ? Just park your alts until future story lines. And finally after all this you reach achievment vendor, with your alt not even having half of required AP.
And i come back to original question ? What is point of this wall ? Mains are going to reach this Ap requirements easily. Many mains are going to have their hmskill from bsh already. All it is is just another wall in from of alt, which is even harder to overcome than it was on main. Worst is that most of above applies to new players, re-rolled mains also.

To summarize:

Alsts in PvP – design is quite friendly. You can get your PvP skills easily, Levlling from 45-50 is quite fast. HM levels feel unnecessary to me on alts.
Alts in PvE – design is very unfriendly. Even if you manage your income gold very well and can afford all upgrades, spend some nc/hmcoins , you hit many walls which cannot be overcome even buy cash shop.
NEW PLAYERS – design is very unfriendly. Comparing to old players they have all of problems with addition of higher prices, reduced item progression drops, soulshield availability, harder to find parties for old dungs/dailies. They do not have mains to support. I find this biggest issue for MMO – easy catching up for new players is crucial .

Most of those gates do not even bring more money to company?! Make people busy? This maybe made sense years ago in other reqgions when they had to wait months for new content. Makes no sense to me for NA/Eu with so fast release schedule. This is big difference for and games needs adapt, not just copy what worked before.
Also western mentality is that they need to see long term result for their investment. People will rather give up their alt and focus on main, if they see no future in it. Thats why you can sell 1 week costumes (different mmo’s) in Asia, while on west you can’t.

Possible solutions:

Non tradable -> Account bound. items into . Many leftovers from mains would speed up levelling process for alts.
Implement different ways to achieve currency or items itself from old 24 mans, which are important for progression.
Merge all drops from old 4/6mans before patch into after patch 6man not just part of it.


Ppl motivated to play alts, reroll mains start to play game due to feeling that they can catch up.
More key purchases , gold purchases more income for company ? More fancy cars for ncsoft management , 1 time year bonus for hard workers.
More fun for all?

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