Well I need to vent

Ugh, these 600AP credit card swipers. (fm and ass)

Doing a 4 man yeti run. and the fm kept party frosting when yeti sucks us in for the daze during absorb heat. Which froze my cat. so I couldn’t taunt my cat right on top of him. Why even use a party frost for something that causes no damage and one that everyone can iframe themselves and break out. Anyways, because he did that, no one but him and the assassin could cc the yeti (since half our cc’s in cat). The wasted time to break out the cat from ice with beckon and then throw it at the yeti would not really make it in time. Fm and assassin failed to cc it. we died.

I told him not to party frost during heat anymore at all. And everything went fine. Then at cold stage. fm wasted his self ice thing and his party frost. and said “oops” so i was like. ok. everyone take ice. but we couldn’t take ice enough. and there were 6 cruxes, summoner’s can only dodge 5. wiped.

Tried again. Third time’s the charm. fm doesn’t do self ice sheath, and just tosses up his party frost at cold stage. I try to use it (and break out of it, because it’ll cause that inability to use attacks) but it messes up my timing. and everyone dies except assassin.

Assassin finishes yeti off. and I tell the fm that he should do the X-3. X being the number of cruxes. Sheath first and then party frost everyone. and the assassin tells me I’m a noob. and the fm says. “I already blocked you”. He ended up calling me a noob summoner even though I was the one ccing the yeti at heat, and the one seed shrouding at every heat jump. e-e.
And I’m like I didn’t even trash talk. I just gave advice.


I don’t even want to play this game anymore. Isn’t this game supposed to be full of an older audience. e-e I feel like I’m playing with children.
Well anyways, I think I’m going to finish up the new storyline in june and quit. This game doesn’t have anything to offer anymore.

I don’t know how anyone does it anymore.
People say join a clan, but running with a clan and doing things only with a clan seems to be boring too.
Everything feels so stagnate.

and before anyone calls me out, I’ll call myself out that this is the second “this game is boring, I might quit soon” thread I’ve made. I am half serious about it. I’ve already left the clan I was in awhile ago. I was just sticking around for the exp event and might play again when my boyfriend gets a better laptop so I can just play with him. and we can try to duo dungeons because I like a challenge anyways.

Anyways, I know I’m whiny, but it is a thread tilted a “vent” so I hope you understand. And I would vent to my bf, but he always just tells me “you should have just meme’d them”. >.> I don’t know memes.

On a lighter note, today I was doing 4 man yeti farm, and somehow everyone but me dced at the last 100k hp of yeti. and I finished him and got yeti tamer XD Is this how most people get yeti tamer? It was kind of funny.

tldr: people suck. people don’t want to improve. everything in this game is boring even with a clan. Is this not the right game for me? LOLYETITAMER.

edit: share your thoughts and stories! I just want to feel like I’m not alone in these thoughts of mine.

I honestly didn’t expect them to blatantly call me a noob, since every time I’ve died, the fm (his clanmate) died as well. It’s the same as calling the fm a noob too, but nah. His love of his comrade blinded him of putting any blame on the fm.

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