Warmane Builds:Week 1 Vacation Activities Legendary Weaponsmith

A Guide to all Legendary Weapons

In this guide, you will find the listings and methods of obtaining all the usable legendary items in the game.

Some items are from the old days of the world, whose wielders once received endless praise and compliments for having obtained such an item and accomplished so vast a feat as to be deserving of the praise. These items once set a milestone in the raiding achievements of the past, and memories cling to them…
Some items are more recent and still require great lengths from multiple people to obtain, yet still, maintain that power to provoke an envious gaze from a bystander as their peering gaze sweeps across their inspection pane…
Some items are still new and fresh in the minds of the populace, waiting to be obtained for the first time…

And some items just don’t exist for players at all and aren’t included.

Perhaps you want to relive a piece of the precious past you missed by obtaining something from the Vanilla age…
Perhaps you want to betray the Betrayer and steal his glaives for your own…
Perhaps you want to wield a titanic hammer once shattered into pieces but reforged by the very maw of an old god…
Perhaps you want to bond with a dragon and carry a staff of duplicative magics…
Perhaps you just like the color orange and you want some of it in your bags…

Whatever case you happen to fall into, this guide will show you the fastest and simplest way to obtain the item(s) of your choice.

If you aren’t interested in the acquisition of a particular item, perhaps consider checking out its history and lore in a guide about legendary items written by Wowhead

Grand Prize Winner: The Lightblade of Coalescence by nitanita.

Prizes: One particular certain transmogrification of decision + item (except Legendaries). If on TBC, then you definitely can just pick out an item that’s offered in-game.

Runner Ups: Ash’therod, Seed Nightmare by zangetsuWTF and Raz’gris, Flare of the Heavens by bakkhos16

How we chose the winners:
It was announced that the employees could be deciding upon a winner, and that individual could be finding an added reward. Nevertheless, we did not have enough staff votes to create a fair and appropriate voting, so staff votes were compiled with all the neighborhood poll to decide a Grand Prize Winner. The community poll by itself (with no staff votes) decided the Runner Up winners. We, unfortunately, had to deduct some points from particular weapons as a result of people today attempting to cheese the occasion by producing a number of accounts to cast far more votes for a unique weapon, which can be of course unfair. Nonetheless, we really feel that eventually, the winners are fair and clear winners.

Staff votes went as follows;
Proterean: Stonedbringer by Zolgar2
Palutena: Pherafane, the Fire Harp by fraction
Agramon: Daudadagr, Greataxe on the Vrykul by Shikyonaito
Arbiterone: Daudadagr, Greataxe on the Vrykul by Shikyonaito
Mercy: The Lightblade of Coalescence by nitanita

Collecting your prize:
You could possibly message me or Palutena and tell us which forum account you’d like your title on (emphasis: it really is a forum title, not an in-game title), and nitanita you may let us know which expansion & character you wish your in-game prize on.

Congratulations to the winners and good job everyone on the submissions! We had a very large number of EXCELLENT submissions this year, and all of you deserve recognition! Thank you for participating in the event and I hope that you all had fun and enjoy checking out the submissions!

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