Warlock Basics Complete Skill Guide – Blade and Soul

Well do you have a recommended build picture/video? I dont play MMO often and I’m having a hard time keeping up with stats and everything and in-game players are not the most helpful people around.

Hi are you still playing ?? could you give me new skill build for WL sience the changes to skills I have no idea how to manage WL I have big problem with DPS as I didnt before the changes ….would appriciated.

I’m still not sure I haven’t been able to do a lot of PvP but the Warlock feels like it doesn’t have a lot of Defensive options. Besides your backstep, you have Bastion (Z) and Sanctum (C) for defensives with decent cooldowns. You also have pet call that can be specced to knock back but it no longer pierces defense, and a second cc break with our pet. Outside of that Warlock is a glass cannon that has to play well to avoid getting bursted. I had the most trouble with KFM as they were able to Q and E my pet for free True Agility making it tough to hit them. Assassin seems tough at first but I think the matchup gets more favored for Warlock later. Summoner can be tough as well because you can’t really freely bock against them. I haven’t played the nerfed version of the Warlock yet but players in Korea are saying it feels overnerfed for now.

Can you give us overview on how hard the warlock got nerf’d. Is it on par with FM ? (PvP and PvE PoV) and even as nerf’d class can we hope to be competitive in the PvP scene (even if not hitting rank 1).

I have a question. What’s the purpose of the Warlock being able to Airborne someone? I saw the same thing for the Force Master, but they seem to be able to combo with it a bit easier with their Grab, and setting up a Heatwave. But Warlock seems to be the only class that doesn’t really benefit from that status effect at all. Unless I missed something.

your bombardment in first tree 4th stage will benefit from keeping your enemy in air, so u can spam it for free and instantly, warlock starts benefit from airborne only in case that he has and use that legendary….

That depends on what you’re playing. But no matter the class you play, go to your Martial Tome (press K-key) and look for a skill that has Awakened in it. For example, KFM has Awakened Searing Palm, FM has Awakened Dual Dragon, Warlock has Awakened Rupture, BM has Awakened Flicker etc. Depending on the class you play, some of those skills will have their requirements decreased, some will have their damage buffed and some may even have additional effects or types of damage. For example, Awakened Searing Palm will instantly place the Searing Palm buff on stage 4 (max stage achievable by this skill), the Dual Dragon will have its cost reduced from 3 Frost Orbits and 3 Fire Orbits to 1 Frost or Fire Orbit and so on. Also, the status Awakened will also give you Crit bonus and reset the cooldown of skills, things he already explained.

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