Waiting for server transfer/merges vs starting a new character?

So everyone in the beginning said to roll on a less crowded server to avoid queues.
But now that the initial game hype has died down, there are issues with a low pop server.

After 9pm it takes a lot longer just to get 1 party for a 24-man server dungeon. Many people in the instance are just idling at the last boss.
Very few people doing Blackwyrm.
Lack of guilds. You can’t talk to anyone cross-server so you feel very isolated if your server is dead.

However I have sunk a lot of time into 2 level 45 characters already. And there are some issues with starting on a new server.

You can’t transfer items to your alt on a different server. You can transfer gold through the dungeon loot bid trick, but this doesn’t include account bound items such as moonwater valor stones.
Loss of learned Merry Potter secret.
Loss of level 4 Merry Potter and Soul Shield artisian.
Many hours grinding weapon upgrades.

So do you think it is worth switching now, or it is too late? Is it worth switching to be able to finish 24-mans in a reasonable time and to farm blackwyrm? Will future content add more content that requires a populated server?

The cross-server experience sucks. It is full of afkers and master loot scammers. You can’t pm anyone on your own server while you are in it, nor can you use the marketplace, mail, or the hongmoon store. And most importantly, it can’t be used to do 24-man instances.

The population on my server has already been dwindling fast. I could do a 24 man at 11pm, now at 9pm it takes 5 minutes for 1 person to join the party. Another patch is just going to make it worse. When NSH came out, people were split up between NSH and Efleet which made it harder to do both.

If they aren’t going to merge servers they should allow people to transfer. I heard that korea doesn’t have this tech, but if they can merge servers already, it shouldn’t be that hard to do the same.

They really shouldn’t wait to do merges or at least they should sell transfers in the hongmoon store. The more they wait the more people get bored with the game.

But the problem is that it is impacting the way I play the game, I can’t really play the game normally when I used to do more 24-mans or blackwyrm.

Trying to grind the 6-mans for your weapon to drop is way more stressful and yields a lot less gold.

I want to kill blackwyrm more, but it seems like after 3 kills, everyone just stops doing it.

I know they will merge it some time in the future, but I am hoping they do it before everyone starts complaining about lack of players, or even better offer transfers even if it costs money.

It is really weird that they can merge 2 servers with thousands of players, but they somehow can’t move 1 player to another server?

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