Transferring Peridot Gem

So I’m rather confused right now after seeing a post on Reddit of a warlock that is using the Peridot gem which was only obtainable during the Valentines day event. After reading the comment and pretty much coming to the only logical explanation other than the post being fake would be customer support transferring the gem upon request. During the event period I obviously did not have a warlock as it was not released at the time however, I asked support if it would be possible to get it on my FM and have it transferred to my warlock after it was released and the answer I was given was no. So after that I obviously didnt bother getting the gem as I would never gear alts and focus only on my main. To now have the possibility of staff transferring the gem for you would honestly just *cricket* me off.
Has anyone actually seen a warlock using this gem? Id like to believe this is complete bs.


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