Top 5 Reasons To Play Blade And Soul

Curious about Blade and Soul? I count down the Top 5 Reasons to play Blade and Soul, while also giving you a bit of explanation for each reason. What is Blade and Soul? It is a free to play MMORPG by NC Soft that is brand new to us here in NA/EU, but has been out for a while in CH/KR/JP. Enjoy your possible first look at our Top 5 reasons we love the game! What are your reasons?

I used to play GW1 on another level for years but GW2 and other mmos just couldn’t hold me. As mostly a Playstation gamer now, I’m hoping this can spark my mmo addiction back up.

So much hype for this game, and still I see it very generic… Like the trending, a lot of effort on PVP and the anime stetics, just feel like It would be impossible to explore the game or maintain the fun with friends without some as.. come and start a fight over and over.

I got my wisdom teeth out today, and have four days off from work, so plenty of free time. I cannot wait to start playing this. Going to try downloading tomorrow if my painkillers don’t have me all jacked up. Thanks for the vid, Zach! As always, keep up the great work.

I hate being ‘that guy’, but to me it just feels like a reskinned Chinese TERA. The world is pretty, but corridor…the combat is flashy, but repetitive…I haven’t gotten to try PvP yet, but I’m willing to bet Assassins and their stealth teleports will pretty much own you nonstop. I dunno…I just can’t help feeling that I’ve played it before, and everytime I see the tiny little girl race I think ‘oh look.

I’m a busy man, and there’s dozens of decent games out there asking for my time and money. If you can’t show me something interesting in the first 7-10 hours, why would I give you any more time? I dunno why you’re so butthurt that I don’t like this game, it has absolutely zero impact on you playing it, so take your weeaboo tears somewhere else.

I do agree, game has been delayed for so long that it is behind 5 years at least with graphics. Game is very unbalanced if we even talk about the graphics. Problem is that to make the game look even little bit appealing you need to max every setting where it will hit your FPS huge amount (that is even with high end PCs).

And by last BOTS, game is already full of them. Yes you might say, that F2P games will have it, but it is NCSOFT who didn’t do anything with the Wildstar why should they care what is happening in BnS. Some games can counter easy bot issues, but sadly no hopes with game what is published by that company.

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