There is currently an event going right now for the ruby

‘Have to’ is a subjective term, I did perfectly fine for a LONG time without having a single one of those ap gems. With the current content that person will be PERFECTLY fine with the normal bw gems which can be acquired without spending a single piece of gold as long as they are on a server where their faction actually does bw. The lootbox event was the same as ever other, you either spend hmcoins or ncoin buy the box and hope for the best. I personally sold enough gold to buy 9 boxes and got the aquamarine within those 9.

Theres currently an event going right now for the ruby, you need to complete the daily dash board 3 times to get said ruby. Is it or is it not rng for you to try and complete that dash 3 times within the what 1 – 2 month period to get it? I am not saying there shouldnt be an event for those gems what IM SAYING is that aside from the aquamarine everyone has an alternative in terms of gems they can use until then. In terms of drop rate I have no idea I can’t do bw because my pc sucks and I dc anytime i get close with the number of ppl that do it, but considering you either get those gems from a drop OR you collect essences and trade them for a gem (along with soul stones and something else i think), there is still an option.

My response has to do with you not them. If you look back on EVERY event they gave us that involved a gem (excluding trove or cash shop boxes) it was RNG based in some way shape or form. The peridot was first acquired through the mysterious merchant, f2p event but still rng based. The first f2p ruby and sapphire was introduced by you doing your daily challenges and hoping you got it from the loot box at the end, rng based. The coralite event was rng based for a sapphire. The current ruby event is rng based. Either way those gems are going to have some form of rng around it. However once again they have an option when it comes to that amethyst which is farm blackwyrm the same way people used to do BEFORE these gem events came around. Afterwards he can then look into upgrading if and when another f2p event comes around for the ones hes looking for.

Again not rlly concerning the topic. Ruby = login reward. Citrine event yes – will end on october 5th. After that there is a new event with 0 gems. I think that was the reason this thread was started. Also i think the green stone is now in the 3rd or 4th event – so mb also a reason why the threadstarter asked for other colored gems…

Ok – the merchant was rng – but before that there was a non-rng event for a peridot (ok that was a not-so-good perdiot). But i think the dropchance at the merchant was quite high and everyone got at least one. The corallite event had a failsave if i remembered correctly – if you were very unlucky you got it with fragments. The ruby event is not rlly rng based – i think some guys calculated that you get it as f2p player (w/o premium) evem if you roll a 2 or 2.5 only (quite a “low” value).

I think 6-man need a bit longer than 10mins but anyway. First you have to find this ppl and after BW is dead you have to farem the keys – which will cost u another 5-10mins. So you spent 20min for a slim chance – in the same time you could have done SSP for save income or if you like rng tomb and hope for the neck and get some money for ss…

whos 6manning bw? and I mean if you are 6manning that then you deserve to have your time wasted. At the end of the day you have 2 options. You can either sit there and sit on your thumbs until an event that does NOT require you to spend gold or rely on rng to come about for you to get whichever gem is there, or go and farm it (excluding the aquamarine).

No the average bw group is like 3 parties of people. I don’t know about your server but anytime during the weekend if someone calls out bw on mine, people show up. Every point you bring up ONLY applies to if you currently had both options between getting a bw gem and getting the flawless hongmoon. The flawless amethyst is NOT able to be acquired at the moment unless you have 1k gold to waste, so why wait for an event to give it when we dont know when that will be instead of just farming towards something you can get currently. If the gem comes via an event in the mean time then hey stop and go for that, use the essences you farmed up to get naksun badges and get the costume or something. Sitting about twiddling your thumbs isn’t going to do anything but get a person left behind.

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