The “Share your Couples” Thread

My husband and I have been playing MMORPGs since FFXI (Yes before the dawn of WoW and the eventual downfall of mmorpgs in general)

When we married last year, I decided to try and get him into PC Gaming (He was a console scrub) due to the fact that he’d always stare over my back as I played Skyrim with over 9000 mods and beta tested plenty mmorpgs, including the Korean version of Blade and Soul.

As FFXIV had started to become more of the same thing with a different skin and flying added, he was interested in Blade and Soul, and wanted to know if it was coming to the PS4 (LOLNO)
It was right then that I built him a computer just before BnS’s NA launch.
He never touched the PS4 again…

He absolutely loves Blade and Soul, being his first ever MMORPG on a PC, he’s never played a short race in his life (He mainly played elves)
But he absolutely loved the idea of being adorable and badass at the same time.

Assuming that we aren’t the only gaming couple that plays BnS, I made this thread for other happy peeps to show themselves off in-game.

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