The RNG for the draken necklace and ring drop rate suck

I hope I don’t make myself sound like a crybaby, but let’s be real here. The RNG for the draken necklace and ring drop rate suck! Even after the “boost”, they’re still really hard to get. Now, it’s been a while since Desolate Tomb was released, and most if not all of the p2progressquicker players and many of the f2p players have got them. Although, some of the players, including me have been having terrible RNG with the drop. Why not increase the drop rate MORE or A LOT MORE?

Okay, some of you might say “FARM MORE!” Here’s my answer: “I don’t have the same amount of time like you to farm only deso tomb. There are other stuffs to farm as well (challenger SS which has terrible drop rate from chests as well, AND elder SS which requires a quite amount of battlepoints to get the SUB-stats that you desire, radiant energies, ornaments, etc.).”

Therefore, for people who agree with increasing the drop rate EVEN MORE, please reply “Yes” on this thread; for people who already got theirs, let’s be professional and not talk crap about people who haven’t got theirs.

I see it as, you have to make time for yourself to actually farm the legendary accessories. RNG will be RNG, it may take 1 run or it may take 100 runs. If you want to focus on getting Challenger pieces, Elder pieces or do other things then be my guest and do those other things but don’t request for something to be made even easier to get when, 1. it’s a luxury right now to have, 2. there’s no rush in getting it.

Instead of asking for an easier time you should get your ducks in order. If you really want and need the legendary accessories then put that as top priority for a while, do only those dungeon runs to farm for the drop when you have time. If it’s something that you feel as though can wait(which should be most cases) then go off to do the other things you’ve listed.

do not try to communicate with these wannabe not crybabies, you will be always steamrolled by more of them who clearly don’t understand what does the word ‘legendary means (‘but how it is legendary when some1 get it at 1st run for 100g bla bla bla’). I personally have 100+ tombs and 100+ citadels, saw one ring so far, but i couldn’t care less. Sooner or later i’ll get it. I bet they will add more ways to get it eventually anyway.

Hey, if you got yours for 2.1k and u did 146 runs, yet you didn’t complain, it’s not my business. Now, when I’m complaining, you don’t get to judge or tell me what to do (I have no right to complain). Who are you to judge people whether they have right or not? LOL.. You had the patience or willing to run 146 runs, ok, that’s your problem, not mine. I honestly don’t and I don’t have that much time like you. Other people don’t have much time and/or patience to run 146 runs+ to see one, and doesn’t guarantee them to get it like you.

Same can be said about those who have earned it. As more people begin to complain and trust me their are more vs those who have put forth the effort in earning it. Player base only wants a free ticket. When the inflation of the item is abused so in turn is the value as well as the level of care to discuss these hand-out topics that depreciates the value of level towards concern of such. Pride is no longer of value because the apparent majority thinks this is better when its not. I sure as hell do treasure the merit and strife put in to obtain a Legendary but now a days you only want to reap the rewards.

Let’s destroy the value together so everyone may get a Legendary so when we all see that we are wearing Legendary we find something better to *cricket* on.I am too Player Based just not on the same page. This really reminds me of a Willy-Wonka Story of the spoils of everyone except for those humble ones which are rare. I guess when you get everything you want the value of even those that think like me become worthless and so in turn will become this game if your demands are fully taken advantage of. That coming from someone who can say I love this game just the way it is but not the way people make it become.

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