The pit in the first floor of Mushin’s Tower doesn’t really see a lot of use

At least as far as I’ve noticed. So earlier today while picking on the training dummies I had an idea to give the arena some more practicality.
Since the entire purpose of Mushin’s Tower (or at least the original idea of it) is to train players to… well… get better at the game, we get progressively more difficult bosses as we go up the tower, obviously. There shouldn’t be any need to remind people about this though.

However… a lot of people don’t do the towers beyond what they NEED to for gear upgrades, even though the tower offers a handful of other things. I mean the base level is literally an entire town, minus crafting faction NPC’s. With some immortal dummies for everybody in there to bully when they want. Now… with the dummies in mind and the fact that the floors are designed to challenge people… usually… I figured “why not have mock battles of each floor inside that enormous arena?” There’d be the worry of keeping the area there then or simply making an instance of it we can get into by talking to an NPC, but I doubt that’d be the worst problem to come up in the grand scheme of it.

Basically though… I think it’d be a nice function to be able to imitate a mock battle on a floor of our choosing for the sole purpose of practicing the mechanics on that floor. It would give people an option to use to practice and learn mechanics in a more… comfortable setting. The enemy themselves would have all of their mechanics, enrage timer included to make SOME threatening presence there as they can still insta-kill in a time out. However the enemy themselves would not do any damage to us (except the enrage insta-kill). Once their health would reach zero they get despawned to stop the timer. Of course, there would be no reward for this besides simply “gitting gud” at the game. It’d be redundant to say how foolish it would be to give push over practice dummies loot they can drop on defeat. Unless it’s some silly loot that’s only purpose is to be sold for 1 copper like the dice and other trash we get on floor 3 (or is it floor 4? Well either way). Gear degradation would still be there to, obviously, since we’re not fighting with our bare hands. To actually activate a fake fight though we’d have to have at least been to the floor the opponent is on at least one time prior.

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