The physical body movement animations are still there

The physical body movement animations are still there (the face does move when that happens), but all the rest of the idle face animations are gone. So your character will be stone faced if they are standing still instead of blinking, smiling, eyes moving, sniffing (male lyn), raised eyebrow (male gon), etc. They just stand there with eyes wide open and 100% zero movement in their face until they go into their timed body movement animation.

I’ve been fighting the same war with support as you, OP and got very similar replies where I just couldn’t jam into their heads what was actually wrong, in spite of giving them detailed descriptions of the missing animation cycles and providing screenshots. It really is a big problem, especially since older characters have a considerable amount of distortion and stretching in the eyes and lips because of it. My male blade master’s face was ruined by the problem, and only looks normal in the hongmoon store/wardrobe preview windows, where the normal animations are still present. Otherwise his eyes look as though someone has take the lids and stretched them up, while his lips have been widened. He is permanently stuck like this.

I have noticed that there are some spots in game (like the steps in front of the bank at hogshead) where blinking will spontaniously return, but the animation cycles are still glitched and the eyes will move in the opposite direction of the lids, creating a very distorted appearance. I have several images of my warlock (created after the glitch began) getting stuck with his eyes in a strange position.

Here are some screenshots of my blademaster. It’s very difficult to capture exactly how bad the distortion is in a screenshot, especially in his lips, but it is definitely there (I will say that the absence of animations also causes some characters faces to appear wider and fatter than they should be). Please forgive me for the different lighting in the second comparison shot, I really should take him over to bamboo village and replicate the screenshots I took when I first made him.

And these are screenshots taken after the animations went missing in one of the early maintinences. Note the pupil being in the wrong position, the stretching and distortion in the shape of the eyes, and the “lift” in the eyebrow that causes the entire eye to appear pulled up because the brow muscles are no longer twitching and moving as they should. The lips are also puffier and seem stretched, and the corners of his mouth are permanently pulled down, though that is hard to see unless you are in game (Again, sorry for terrible lighting differences) And, of course, he stares into space like a zombie.

Great screen shots! Yes I definitely see what you mean. It’s frustrating seeing my old characters not look like they originally did, and not knowing why. I kid you not, I remade my warlock over 100 times (making and deleting) because the finished product did not look right due to lack of animations. His face kept looking distorted in game. Now I’m sure if and when (PLEASE) they ever fix this bug, I might have to buy a character alteration voucher for my warlock to make him look like he should.

I actually did the same exact thing with my warlock when I made him because I knew this glitch was going to mess him up. I actually made a “junk” account where I would test my preset in game multiple times before the release of the class until I got him right. That “puffy lips” problem was something I struggled with immensely while making him. He’s making a really weird, glitchy face in that screenshot, but when he isn’t glitching he looks “normal” so I’m also very nervous that his face will need adjustment after the animations are fixed.

You may think it looks fine, Kohashi, but I can definitely see trademarks of the distortion in your characters eyes especially (However this may appear normal to you, and that’s fully understandable if you’ve either never seen the correct animations or didn’t notice them before). Characters eyes will glance to the side still, but the set of the pupils is not correct and the outer lids tend to distort, as if the character is “trying” to make an expression, but the frames glitch. How old is your screenshot? Many characters can look “fine” (My warlock looks fine when he isn’t standing in spots that make his eyes mess up, for example) but the animations are still missing and people don’t notice that they are, especially if the character was made after this glitch.

Compared to other games, blade and souls character creator is one of the better ones. Some people spend hours upon hours trying to make their characters look just the way they want (some spending real money on appearance changes multiple times), and for anyone who spent a lot of time working on their characters appearance just to see all of that work broken by this issue, it’s frustrating.

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