The main issue here seem to be droprate


Let’s face it: Every player wants to be competitive, so the number of interested buyers is nearly as big as the (non-bot) playerbase.

Meanwhile 4 people can waste an hour or more on a dungeon run and there a HUGE change that no book drops, at all – and even if one dropps it doesn’t mean that it’s the one you need.

The availability for such a core feature as skills is HORRIBLE.
I’ld much rather like it to be part of a Mushin-towerish questline that challenges the player rather than a grind for many.

The current system is bound to leave a vast majority of players frustrated and disliking the game.
Playing a Bm without Volume 2 vs. one that has it makes you want to quit arena.
PvP has equalized stats – but without equalized skill-availabilty it’s a farce.

(P.S: Yes, everybody can buy the skills 350g – if they’re sold, yet if everybody suddenly had the money the demand is much higher than the supply).

Pay to win means, for $$$ you can by power ups which are not available in game any other way. If these books can be obtained in anyway that does not involve money, but requires you to play the game, it is not P2W, it is however Pay for Lazy, or Pay for (I work for a living and have no time to grind) Convenience.

This game still beats, Pay to play, you can pay nothing for this game and have access to all the gameplay, although not all of the Convenience features. If there is a legit complaint about B&S it’s the Gold Seller Spam.

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