The issue with the Sum bot is they have no CD’s above floor 20

I have 676 Ap with True Scorpio atm, max accessory (without oath neck) stage 7 pet, 3 Challanger + 3 Sparring + 2 Naksun max fused with crit, build and tactics for each class taken from i think best Force Master EU – Bevv. So i think i am well prepared.

I never die there, but as an FM i need to sacrafice ton of damage changing build for IT, meaning no burst at all, i have less CC than others and at same time i am very vulnerable for opponets cc, our chill/freeze barely works on those bots (for DES, BD or SF not all all). It all comes to fm class disadvantage, and it’s highly unfair among all classes.

Tower is Rng yes. But you can be quite sure that rng can be more or less completely neglected because we have a sample of 500. Or do you want to implicate that FMs have in general a worse rng than other classes (Class specific rng would be a problem too btw – uhh yeah conspiracy theories… ). Rng can be neglected because we see a quite large sample that was produced over time so in average every class has to have the same opponents at a point.

I have it easier when i use the mechanics of those bots to beat them. for example a sin will not really go in stealth / attack as much if i stand against the wall, sin wont go in stealkth at all during the duration of my true friend buff so i have 5s of burst i can do freely, or SF / BM / BD wont come near me when i am standing inside my briar patch or roots.

All your other arguments just show what the initator wanted to say – FM is at a disadvantage in the tower because there are different mechanics for fms. Even if other classes have similar problems they manage to do more dmg and kill the bots faster – fm doesn’t – and thats the problem.

And imho (i have a sum twink too) – sum is way easier to play in tower than fm. Also i did not have the problem that the bot can get out of the cc each time. I mean of course he will TAB the cat grabbel but that is pretty much what you would expect from any opponent because why should he let you do free dmg. Howerver after the grabbel (and if i assue you used it after the tab-charge-stun) you have still 1 root + defense disable (if HM) , 1 defense disable, 2 Dazes (2 and c), 1 iframe(+kb/kd if skilled) and 1 kd (2 if HM). Also the cat can do some aircombos, you can heal, you can be invinsible while attacking and you have some pretty nice lmb+rmb stuff (defense+parry pen – yeah) and you can buff the rmb with the 4 (if hm).

The issue with the Sum bot is they have no CD’s above floor 20. They literally can spam stun/knock up/kd you and you can’t get anywhere near the Sum. I have even tried outright killing the cat, their heals are ridiculous. Just think if a dungeon boss had no CD’s on any skill and crazy high hp regen. I play an Sin and FM in there and yes the FM is significantly harder to do anything with, they just don’t have enough CC’s or escapes(sheath is laughable and the bots easily knock you out of it). Some of the AI are completely fubar: Sin’s that barely attack and run around in circles, SF hits a few times and then backpedals out of your way to waste your entire clock(this is especially bad on my Sin), Destro only spins and doesn’t do anything else, etc. Ah yes, and lastly, the miserable RNG on the SS. I believe it artificially low for the simple fact once you have 3+ pieces you’ll never go in there again.

This has nothing really to do with the skill since the bot can still attack, the trick is the targeting. All monsters / bosses in the game can only target you if you are in front of them. By using the snare, the boss cant turn and since you arent in front of him, he cant attack you and thats all there is too it. Thats also why if you have a summoner in the party the boss doesnt move and does nothing for a few seconds, because when the boss is aggroed on the cat and the summoner uses roots, the cat instantly moves behind the boss which again places the bosses target behind him, he cant turn, thus does not do anything.

I saw the summoner decreases the cooldown of the [1] Skill by 50% with using True Friend + Flying Nettles. Ok, i got this. Its possible because the summoner got the badge from tower. But how does she reset / decrease the cooldown afterwards? All i can see is that the legendary weapon procs which resets the cooldown of skills or is there a certain combo that allows to reset the [1] skill? Because its not really a summoner problem if its the legendary weapon. The only solution would be to remove or nerf the legendary weapon effect which would hurt all classes and not just summoner. Please enlighten me!

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