The elemental accessories increase your crit rate

The elemental accessories increase your crit rate by a lot as well as allowing you to recover 20% focus everytime you crit. The Chokma weapon buff (much like our Baleful stacks) when activated gives you 5 seconds of 100% crit rate and recover 10% focus per crit. Add in the random 100% focus recovery buff from weapon and you can essentially spam Dragonchar endlessly with those things which is how he’s doing it.

As for HM skills, you can see on other videos that there is a book icon beside certain skills that have HM versions. We still keep those skills and still have to unlock them. Only difference now is that we do not need all those extra stat points to learn them, we just learn them. This makes everyone much more equal when they dont need as many skill points missing from their builds.

Summoners look like getting utility nerfs.The class is soon dead and totally useless,no matter how we try to keep it alive is getting worse and worse every patch.For us,which are totally behind as gear wise ,badges wise and elemental accessories and leggy soulshields the nerfs from the test server ,if they come alive,will wipe the summoners from west map.Time will tell.

This looks like a huge buff for every class. Imagine you get hundreds of AP for free. The 3rd offensive bonus looks even more interesting for me. You get 100 AP for 9 sec after a successfull resist. I might be wrong but it looks like a good way to close the gap between range and melee classes. Range classes were able to easy pewpew at bosses from the distance so far and do massive damage while melees had to suffer because they had to avoid and iframe attacks. Melees get some bonus AP now and are able to keep up DPS wise. Ofc, range classes can stay in melee range too and get these bonuses. Its just the feeling i got as i read it.

It doesnt looks like blade dancers get that many changes or nerfs. A huge nerf should be the fact that the Z skill “Guardian Tempest” costs 6 chi now instead of 6 chi recovery. Like i said it doesnt mean that this change has to make it in the final version but it looks like they want to nerf the endless spinning + z resist like you have to choose wisely now if you want to spin or use z or you run out of focus. BDs are able to use Maelstorm for both spins now which is amazing and looks like a great buff. The only reason why i used the left tree mostly was because of HM maelstorm. About the 2 elemental paths: both look very simular.

You get 1 version where every skill deals lighning damage while the other path deals wind damage. Like you get a wind version of Lighning Draw and Flicker where you collect wind instead of lightning balls now. The real difference between these 2 might be the multipliers where (i assume) wind does more aoe damage while lightning does more single target damage. They also swap the stuns/daze for 2 and V between these 2 paths. Wind 2 will be 2x daze (while lightning is still 2x stun) while Wind V will be 2x stun (while lightning is still 2x daze). Its able now to reset the cd of Lighning and Wind Draw which is really nice especially for users of legendary weapons.

About summoners mhmm hard to tell since the translation of the document on reddit was really bad. 3/4 of the text was just “WTF” which were not usefull at all. I guess it was just a summoner hater idk. I looks like cat doesnt heal after successfull SS anymore which isnt that much of a big deal since we still got our op party healing. It seems like sums are able to use X now if an enemy throws them in the air. Thats quiet nice actually. The duration of the snare of 1 seems to be shorter while you get a cd reduction if you use it on an CCed enemy.

Mhm have to see how this works out, cant tell if its that good or bad atm. The focus management seems to be a lil bit easier for sunflower users. I looks like you can spam sunflower without focus costs if the enemy is CCed? I guess the translation is just bad because i cant see a text like that on the picture of skill in the file. Same goes to the “change” of the skill 4 (Seed Shroud). People assume they increase the cooldown of 4 from 8 to 12 seconds which would be a nerf, ofc since 4 is one of the best defensive skills of a sum, very op in open world pvp / 6vs6 BUT all you can see in this file is a picture of the right path of Seed Shroud which we got already and which has 12 seconds cooldown already. There isnt a picture of the left path whic

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