The blade and soul game mechanic

The mechanic on the game is this, that only 10-15 ppls in the guild not work. Will give you expample. In swtor, our guild was only 16 , 4 tanks, 8 dps, 4 healers, all hardcore players. I remmeber , this is one of the greatest story for mmorpg , one of our healer ..him wife bron 2 childs, (men). He send me sms “will late for the raid, give me 2 hour). After 2 hours and 40 min he was online, we start the raids. Thats it. In this game, bns i mean, everywhere searching for ppls, because everyone left this game.

Mind to correct you but in other regions people complain about the same issues we have in NA/EU that is why they made changes to the game. It is not that “the west” does not deserve BnS! Is that Bns is not fit to the western market! They are giving us exactly what people try to avoid! P2W games, Every single MMO once it is announced P2W people leave., Yes there is always an audience aka. “sheeps”. But every single company goes with the same route p2w.

I still dont understand what is p2w in Blade and Soul and I play this game for 2 years more or less. (over an year in China server). Do explain what is p2w in EU! You can buy gold with real money? Ok, I will farm it! You can buy costumes and rng boxes? They give nothing new (costumes give no stats and you can buy them by selling gold for hmc). The only thing that is pay-to-(something) is the Air Assassin and the Dye Polishes from the HM store that are needed for the clan uniform crafting but still, that uniform can be done without them (for more gold invested) and it still gives nothing more than -looks-.

What else is there? Gems? By good running you can get the gems for free from events like trove and the other evens we had (peridot for free from the previous event and now citrin for free from the 6v6 event). Upgrading them? Its not worth for a few ap (which you dont need actually) when later on there will be much better gems you can make and combine, why even bother with those.

I’m looking for better optimised game and I’m also heading to Revelation Online.The ninja nerfs are upsetting me the most ,aside the RNG in all aspects ,from upgrading your gear to simply get your loot in SSP. I’m upset also because they reduced the amount of gold we take from daily dungeons and nothing was show up in the patch notes ,plus the incoming nerf on summoner class ,which does not give me as much fun i had before-I will play a summoner healer there -being aware that is the cute class for support and HEAL.I feel tricked by how the game turned to be for me for now and a change will be good ! Probably i will play 2-3 h in a week Blade and soul still,just for my friends i have here.

Thats what you’re gonna tell the new people? you sir are a terrible advocate for the game. The reasons you stated in your point are exactly why the game is p2w don’t give me that slick talk about just because they don’t outright ask for money they aren’t at fault they are and its wrong. This type of display to the new people is why the game is dying and why I resonate with the community.

We all have different standards but that is my personal standard and you do not need to agree with me. Yes I have been playing a game where I was selling item for 4 months and it is still up and hasn’t died out yet. But once that happens I will admit the game is dying. I can admit even now that AP requirements are getting higher and higher and it is harder to find dungeons as there is less new people joining and more high AP players leaving parties.

Finishing dungeon with 400-490 character is challenging as no person wants to waste time for runs that have newbies with 0 knowledge. It is super sad how the mentality is that if the player didn’t watch 1 day videos how to do dungeon they shouldn’t even go trying to finish them. But dying: not yet but extremely slowly getting to that point, getting less popular/wanted: yes. Ps. Just saw 15 players killing Jiangshi in Everdusk and 5-8 players on one channel in Golden Deva. There are still new players or alts.

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