The blade and soul class specific accesories and weapons and soul sheilds plus crafting

Class specific and crafted weapons and accessories:
There is no reason to craft weapons or accessories or grind for class specific items in narrows or exiles or anywhere else. This is a shame. This makes it so content is far less than how it should be.

Why should you waste time crafting the accessories or weapons when they are weaker than the basic hongmoon stuff you get. Its like paying money and using materials to rng for trash.

Make it so you can craft basic things like artisian blight necklace that will be stronger than the hongmoon thing. However make it so that the class specific version you find in say narrows is stronger than this would be.

Now make it so you can craft say artisian insert class name blight necklace. The class AS WELL AS THE RANK such as blue and purple should be rng. If you join a crafting guild it should be your main method of making money so the rng shouldn’t matter as much to you. Feel free to sell a cash shop item that reduces the CHANCE of it being non purple or to be able to get the class you are. Do both, that way there’s more cash shop items and they aren’t pay to win. These class specific items should be even better than the rng ones in the dungeons. Both blue AND purple should be more powerful.

People who just like to fight pvp in the arena wont care about class specific or crafted weapons, thats fine. People who like open world pvp and pve however will get more content for what they want, and better gear.

It also makes it more involved, and give you more to do in game when after a while you have the best stuff and are bored.

You could take it even further and add options for specific stats as well. Say you want an accessory that gives evasion and crit instead of say defense and hp. You can get that crafted and rng for it. You want a blight soul shield that gives you piercing crit and evasion instead of accuracy defence and block? craft or find that. Give a reason to keep visiting old dungeons and places. You wanna try a new build on your class? great go do a dungeon fifty times. Get the materials and try crafting it.

Make youre game more involved give a reason to play it for a long time. As it stands theres nothing to do at the end of the game besides fight in open world. You get the best stuff for free. Thats a shame. You should get good stuff for free and work for the best stuff.

Making sure the game stands out isnt a good enough reason to make it so everyone has the exact same friggin stuff. Being unique isnt a good reason to not do this. The crafted weapons would be immensely expensive to the point you would need to grind money to get them, meaning that farming for gear would still be necessary since you’d need it to shorten the grind having multiple levels of rng gear to find would be great, as would gear with different stats too.

It isn’t about being unique its about fulfilling everything you can, its not like what im proposing would be some monstrous undertaking. Why limit the content of your game to be unique, and nothing needs to be crafted. I with about 3 gold got a second character the best gear possible at lv 20 maxed it all without crafting anything and have it set till lv 36, never gonna need to do anything but level up. On my main i have damn near the best gear just need to finish upgrading, no crafting needed. As it stands making soul Shields accessories and weapons is literally a waste of time, no one will buy them cause they are worthless trash.

The way the game currently works is taking away any reason to craft gear, grind for shit and so on. That removes half the fun of pve. Its not as if anything is exactly hard to kill till you hit lv 20 and even then only dungeons like narrows need groups.

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