The 3 Groups that Enter Bloodshade Harbor

You reached level 45 and upgraded your gear! Time to enter Bloodshade Harbor! This should be fun right? Well… maybe! Depending on your party.

The 3 Groups that Enter Bloodshade Harbor:

1) Time Suckers
This is the most common group. They will cause you to spend at least an hour or your time and most of your weapon’s points… so make sure you fix your weapon before you enter the dungeon. You may lose against a boss or two. One or two people may leave so you need to recruit more. And OF COURSE a few people will die or get lost between boss fights. But don’t worry because after all of this you will come out victorious! …although you may feel a bit tired and annoyed.

2) Experts
This is the rarest and best group by far! Everyone is strong and knows the dungeon well. No one dies between bosses. You defeat each boss with ease. Everyone knows not to use SS through doors. No one leaves. You complete the whole dungeon in half an hour and your weapon has only lost a few points. You secretly want to hug each group member.

3) **** *Cricket* AGH!!!!!!!!!
This group is rarer than Time Suckers but more common than Experts. This group will slowly drain you of your spirit and hope for the future… and cause you to HATE this dungeon. This group will take forever, die over and over again, lots of people will leave, and you will need to recruit replacements. You may get fed up and leave half way through the dungeon just to end up with another group that is just as bad. Several people die between bosses. You may have a member or two with suspiciously low HP. If you make it to the door, everyone uses SS through it. (Note: This group often loses to the thrasher. Leave immediately if this happens.)

Experience come from playing it often, and not everyone is experienced enough, or had the right players to teach them the ropes.

As for myself, I either go with my clan, or I go in solo/party.

But here is my order of preference (Both Poh and BSH):
1. Main bosses first (need 9)
2. Mini bosses next
3. In between, kill the trash mods.

For 1, if you are in a busy channel, there will always be enough people fighting the main bosses, hence it is totally solo-able.
For 2, solo-able
For 3, just time killer until you get all the marks you need for the dailies, until then, don’t make it the main focus.

The quicker you complete the daily requirements of the bosses, the faster the run will end.

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