Talk about the crafting, gathering and the money in this BNS

Let’s start out with why this is a problem. Crafting is really limited to players, very expensive, takes too long as a low level crafter. There are just a few Gathering spots around on the map in different zones and a very long respawn timer. Since it’s not shared sources, but disappears after a player farm the sources it makes it really hard for players in general to farm the materials.

“Just buy the materials from the marketplace”. I wish it was that easy. But with the low income in this game, it’s way too expensive to purchase from the marketplace as a low level character trying to level up, skill crafting and farm materials that are almost never there.

I will present pictures and write about what you see in the pictures and what the issue is.

Lets begin with the money income in this game and how it’s a problem.


As level 3-15 you barely reach 5 silver or more. Players get rewarded with food and pots from quests and chests that they loot. But why would something like this cost so much when you’re considered “rich” having 5-10 gold. Unsealing charms are needed and highly demanded, but the more items you get that you need to unseal they disappear really fast and you start sitting there, having to spend a lot money. As a premium member, you earn money from killing monsters which helps out A LOT when you reach higher level. Currently I’m at level 27 and killing a monster at my current zone gives 7-8 copper, but with the current prices on the marketplace and form NPC shops. Small things are just still too overpriced.


RED : Quartz

To progress your crafting, you have to gather materials. As you see there aren’t that many around on the map. Rarely able to find and the respawn timer is very long. Making it hard for everyone to be able to enjoy gathering while leveling. There should be way more materials out there. If not, then the respawn timer shouldn’t even be a minute. The way it is now, it prevents players from skilling their crafting. Crafting just disappears and people forget about it and a huge thing in this game just dies out. Crafting shouldn’t be available for only a few people. It should be there for everyone. There are also incidents where you try to farm the materials, but it won’t let you because it’s “owned” by someone else. LOOK AT PICTURE BELOW.


As the marketplace is too expensive when it comes to buying items and crafting materials, people want to farm it themselves. Low level materials cost way too much due to how “rare” it is and how limited the resources are.


So people run out there, trying to farm what they can if they’re lucky enough to find materials often enough to actually skill their crafting. But skilling crafting isn’t something you do easily. You either bought the materials or you’ve finally farmed what you need, because you need the crafted items to upgrade your gear, or you just want to skill your crafting. Even as a low level player.

This is what you have to fight next and get frustrated about. SEE PICTURE BELOW.


The materials are very hard to come by due to the limitations of materials around the map.

And it cost 25 copper to just make the item. But other problem lies with the “Time Required”.

As a level 0 Soul Wardens crafter. It takes 2 hours to make 5 Viridian transformation stones.

2 Hours, at such a low level, when it’s hard enough to come by the materials to begin with. Making crafting such a hard thing to do in this game, pushing people even more away.

Transformation stones are used to evolve your gear and doesn’t get handed out easily. You get one of each kind there is through out the leveling process in different zones.
The higher level your gear is, the better transformation stones it requires. SEE PICTURE BELOW.


Buying on the marketplace for a really high price, or spend hours and hours trying to farm materials and skill your crafting which takes up to 2 hours or more the higher level you reach.
Makes people struggle and pushing people away from the game itself. (not speaking on everyone’s behalf, but a lot of players agrees).

And as a final short note.
The marketplace needs a fixing. Too often this happens. SEE PICTURE BELOW.


This sums up a little bit about the money in this game and mostly the crafting in this game.If you’ve red everything in this post and you agree or disagree, please reply on this post and please spread this post to players you know would agree or disagree so they also could leave a reply.

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