Spectator Mode to Be Available in Blade&Soul’s Ebondrake Citadel

It’s time to sharpen your bright sword for Blade&Soul’s Ebondrake Citadel, a new end-game dungeon to be launching on October 5th. The patch features the long-awaited Arena Spectator Mode, allowing you to watch your favorite players’ battles.

The new dungeon is available in 4- and 6-member versions. As to the Accessory Evolution, the materials required to evolve your accessories to the next stage are permanently reduced.

Ebondrake Citadel Introduction:
This underground ruin is home to the Phantoms, a vicious division of the Ebondrake Cult led by Bale Phantom Zakhan. The Phantoms, known for dabbling with dangerous Dark Chi, use this secret base to subject Bonemask tribesmen to hideous experiments, breaking their spirits and forcing the Bonemask to serve the Dark Lord’s will.

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