Some Thing You Need Know About Character Level and Soul Level

When you happen to be greeted using the character-selection screen immediately after launching the game, you could possibly notice that every character has two distinct levels displayed beneath its name. MU Legend has two separate leveling systems, the mu legend Character Level and Soul Level, which raise independently of each other.
Most of all, the Soul Level continues to increase even just after the Character Level reaches its max, in addition to a character gains 1 Soul Point every time its Soul Level increases. You are able to use Soul Points to enhance your stats via the Soul Chest, so growing your Soul Level is essential if you need to have the strongest achievable character.
As soon as within the game, you may access the Character Information window (C) which shows a selection of stats divided into four categories: Attack, Defense, MP and Secondary. Many ofthe stats displayed right here are critical in figuring out the character’s potential, so you must routinely verify that the stats are balanced nicely.

Two levels accessible: Character Level and Soul Level
MU Legend gives two major sorts of levels: Character Level and Soul Level. The Character Level will be the most standard level that signifies your character’s growth. According to this level, it is possible to find out new skills, equip new products, enter higher-level dungeons and access a lot more with the in-game functions.
Also, you will in some cases see the message “SOUL LEVEL UP!!!” seem with a blue flash above your character through play. This seems when the Soul Level increases. The Soul Level has its personal Soul EXP and increases by way of combat and quests just like the Character Level.
Your character gains a Soul Point each time your Soul Level increases, and also you can raise your stats by allocating these points within the Soul Chest. The Soul Level continues to improve even following the Character Level reaches its max, so you can maintain collecting Soul Points to additional boost your stats.

Soul Chest: Increase your stats and strengthen your character
The Soul Chest is exactly where you consume the Soul Points obtained when the Soul Level increases. Right here, you may get a range of added effects too as raise many stats. It’s one of probably the most significant ways to help strengthen your character, in addition to farming equipment.
Additionally, even after the points are consumed, you’ll be able to pay some Mu legend Zen to reset them at any time. This allows you to reallocate the points to suit your current scenario, using the capability to transform them later if required. Stats within the chest are grouped in four categories: Attack, Defense, Help and Misc. A total of 16 stats are offered, with four stats in each and every category.
In unique, two categories directly impact combat: The Attack category characteristics the attack, penetration, crucial price and crucial damage stats, when the Defense category involves defense, evasion, overall health and crowd handle duration reduction. Additionally, the Help category involves HP recovery, MP recovery, cooldown reduction and MP expense reduction, whilst the Misc category consists of movement speed, revenue, EXP and magic sight.
Every single stat within the chest grants extra effects once a particular quantity of points are allocated. For instance, allocating 30 points to the attack stat activates the Hunting Ability effect. The Hunting Talent deals further damage to Elite monsters, making hunting a lot a lot easier.
Later, if you allocate 60 a lot more points towards the attack stat, you’ll be able to use its second effect, Focused Strike. This increases attack when HP is 90% or above. A range of beneficial effects are offered based on how you allocate your points, so it is much better to concentrate on a single talent after you do not have a lot of Soul Points.
It’s also recommended to add Soul Points to EXP within the early stages, which will help you in leveling up. Additionally, raising magic sight will improve your possibilities of getting much better things, that is essential inside the early stages from the game. To sum up, the Soul Chest permits you to boost your skills in line with the circumstance.

Attack Category: Hunt more rapidly and deal far more harm
The Attack category is responsible for the character’s hunting efficiency in combat, and it contains 6 attack-based stats that figure out the typical quantity of harm inflicted on the enemy. “Attack Speed” shows the amount of hits you could make per second. Increased attack speed suggests that weapon skills are performed faster, so additionally, it assists your MP recovery.
“Accuracy” reduces the opponent’s evasion rate, improving your likelihood of hitting the target. Having a greater “Critical Rate”, your opportunity of dealing important attacks is improved. Be aware that “Critical Rate” cannot exceed 30%, and “Critical Damage”, which increases the amount of damage dealt with vital attacks, will not go higher than 450%.
On the other hand, “True Damage” shows the opportunity of inflicting harm that entirely penetrates the opponent’s armor, and with “Defense Penetration”, the defense on the opponent’s armor is decreased by the relevant quantity. These two stats are equivalent and can be confusing. When “True Damage” has a specific chance to activate and inflicts terrific damage when it does, “Defense Penetration” reduces the effectiveness on the opponents armor against your attacks.

Defense Category: Must-have stats for survival
To be able to survive the many dangers of the MU continent, Defense should be a high priority and need to by no means be neglected. It is essential that you simply optimize your Defense to ensure that it reduces damage as significantly as you can. To begin off, “Max HP” increases the upper limit of your character’s obtainable HP.
“Evasion Rate” is quite useful, granting as much as a 50% opportunity of completely evading the enemy’s attack. On the other hand, “Shield Block Rate” reduces damage received by blocking the enemy’s attack, and additionally, it includes a max rate of 50%.
Moreover, higher “CC Time Reduction” (CC = Crowd Handle) helps you immediately get out of abnormal statuses such as Silence, Stun, Worry and Airborne, generating it really valuable throughout PvP. Lastly, “All Harm Reduction”, because the name suggests, aids you survive by reducing all harm taken.
The “MP” and “Secondary” stat categories won’t influence combat straight, and they consist of Max MP, MP Cost Reduction, Cooldown Reduction and Movement Speed. MP-related stats are extremely vital for those who use skills heavily in the course of combat. Increased movement speed aids you get about faster and will enhance your dungeon-clear instances.

Attributes: Check the Attack/Damage variations as outlined by monster grade, size and form
Monsters within the game are available in all distinct grades, sizes and kinds, and in some cases for monsters with the exact same level, it may be additional difficult to hunt them depending on these qualities. This really is due to the fact each lower and increase in damage is calculated differently as outlined by the traits of your monster. Verify Character Information (C) > More Information tab > Attributes for details.
The most widespread classification of monsters: Grade. The monster grades, which are Regular, Elite and Boss, identify the strength of one’s enemies. For particular products and skills, you are able to easily see the damage raise or decrease according to the grade. On the other hand, one of the most critical stats right here are those connected for the powerful Elite and Boss monsters.
You will also notice that monsters are grouped by their Size: Tiny (S), Medium (M), Significant (L) and Further Large (XL). Increases and decreases in damage are measured differently in line with the size of the monster, and stats for more damage are also readily available.
You will discover 9 types of monsters, which are Plant, Insect, Beast, Humanoid, Undead, Demon, Mutant, Magic and Developing. Every single also has their own additional harm, attack and harm reduction stats. As you’ll be able to see, together with the distinct grades, sizes and kinds, you will find lots of components to take into account when deciding how effortlessly you are able to beat a provided monster. Find out about the monsters that spawn in your most important hunting grounds and set the relevant stats to improve your combat efficiency.

Additional-Stat Information: Recovery, Secondary and Attributes
Recovery and Secondary stats: A solid base for the combat
The Added Information tab shows 3 categories of stats: Recovery, Secondary and Attributes. Recovery mostly delivers stats that enhance the restoration price of HP/MP consumed by the character. The standard Recovery stats are “HP Recovery per Second”, which speeds up HP regeneration, and “MP Recovery per Second”, which speeds up the recovery of consumed MP.
“HP+ for Every Kill” restores a certain amount of HP every time you kill a monster, permitting you to hunt for longer with no making use of too many potions. “HP-Rec.-Item Boost” aids you in combat by boosting the effects of consumables for example potions applied when in danger.
Furthermore, Secondary stats offer you separate EXP boosts, “Monster EXP” and “Soul EXP”, that will help you raise the Character Level and Soul Level. With “Skill Mastery”, a greater value saves you time in boosting your skill-mastery level and allows you to quickly unlock additional Crest Sockets. These 3 stats all perform by escalating the EXP you acquire, so they may be really beneficial for enhancing your characters.
You are able to also use “Zen Drop” and “Magic Gem Gain” to obtain the key currency, Zen, and Magic Gems much more effortlessly. Stats that improve the hunting rewards are also offered, that are the “Item Drop Rate”, which permits you to gain a lot more things when defeating monsters, and also the “Uncommon Item Drop Rate”, which increases the possibility of improved things getting dropped. “Item Pickup Radius” displays the range inside which you may pick up things

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