Signature Packs Now Available

Start off on the right foot with a Signature Pack!

Start off on the right foot with a Signature Pack! These packs offer unique boosts and bonuses that will ensure your time in Blade & Soul is spent on what’s important: defeating enemies and saving the Earthen Realm. These packs offer unique items, as well as bundled items available at a discounted price versus if you were to buy them individually from the store.

Student Pack

This gives you all the items you need to start out, including a week of Premium Membership, Hongmoon Unsealing Charms (used to unlock rare and powerful weapons), inventory space increases, and more!

Duelist Pack

This pack is for those who want to get to max level as quickly as possible. It not only includes a full 30 days of Premium Membership, but also XP-granting consumables, additional specialization tabs, and keys to unlock rare chests and receive class-specific weapons.

Head to the Signature Pack page for more info and purchase options.

Premium Membership

Available from the in-game store in 30-, 90-, and 365-day durations, Premium Membership offers a wide range of boosts and bonuses that can be ranked up. Bonuses like increased gold earned, increased XP, faster Chi recovery, reduced Windstride cooldowns, queue priority, and deposits in the costume Wardrobe are just a small selection of the benefits Premium Membership provides. In addition, each of the durations include some Hongmoon Coin (able to be spent in the Hongmoon Store), but the 365-day option also includes the Silver Dragon outfit—a unique black and silver costume with dragon-inspired flair.

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