Server vs Server OPVP remove faction

The move was not to fix the faction balance, it was to address the dwindling population. No matter what spin the PR puts on it, and what they call it, this is in essence server merger because BnS lost a good portion of the initial player base. Faction balance is a fiction.

On the really low servers a single well-geared person’s allegiance made some difference since the “majority” faction was represented by less than 10 players on a channel recently. With the merge (and they now have the mechanism to keep folding the servers together without mentioning the M-word) after a short brutal war, most “groups” will end up with the dominant faction. That’s when you can pay for a transfer if you really do not want to swap a faction, when the times of stability and peace are upon us.

Just like in the real world, prolonged warfare is catastrophic for prosperity and fatigues the population. If we did not have the actual need to farm as much as possible due to the hardships of being ungeared, we might have had an incentive to sticking to the faction on principle and keeping the war going as an elegant gentleman pass-time.

But we are in essence the hoplites, so come spring we have to go tend the fields, or we are all gonna starve.

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