Sadly all of them quit the game for different reasons

Since i started in the NA region and i been lagging badly, the only reason i am playing there is just because of my friends, sadly all of them quit the game for different reasons, it doesn’t matter i still like the game so i stayed and i am now a Warlock, h.m 11 with 702 AP.

i am an EU player who plays on NA server, i suffer alot from ping issues, you can imagine how bad it is for me, i can’t experince the game the way NA players do, i can’t pvp, i can’t do infinity tower, i can’t even beat Naksun in Mushin tower, so yeah that’s how bad it is for me.

I have made several tickets but most of the answers are just copy and paste, there is no need to get into that, my question is, will there be a region server transfer in the future? i know they are working on a server transfer but i am not sure if its going to be a region or just a transfer within region, not to mention there are many NCsoft games that have allowed region server transfer after a while.

You just made it bad for you with saying that. The hidden information in that sentence (for an outsider) sounds like you just wanna avoid paying for staffs again, but if there is not going to be region transfer opportunity, then you would do it, and NCSOFT ofc want you to pay more. However, you may be sure that u won’t spend any more money on this game anyway, but that sentence whispers differently.

I am just saying if you hiddenly say that you would pay for something again, but you would rather avoid it, ncsoft will not help you avoid it. (in this case they won’t answer your question, leaving you in doubts, which eventually will lead you to use your credit card again.) but as i said earlier: only if you would be willing to pay for things again anyway.

Can leave all they want it was THERE choice to play where there not supposed to play But if they grant the wish they better not discriminate between all the other severs cause there is people that put years of play on them so they should be able to transfer to right? So yea lots more legendary and thousands and thousands of gold flooding in sounds like a great idea Again it was there choice to play where they don’t belong so no they should not be rewarded with a transfer.

Key words they don’t have there own servers and if they do I highly doubt they will put transfers in to ruin a new market and add instant maxed players Hate everyone nope just hate people that do things there not supposed to then cry about it And hate people not willing to work or earn there stuff .

Still, if english speaking people from EU want to play with friends from NA, they can. People are not gonna start flogging to NA servers, if they don’t have a reason, the ping is gonna be shit, so they won’t do it just to play in NA servers. And if german, french or spanish people would want to move, it’s probably because they already know they will have people from there, that already speak the same language as they do.The same goes for moving to EU.

Really is that why there is a thread about someone saying they are going to the bar sever and want more people to go there? I’m not toxic I just choose not to sugarcoat things and make everything happy and speak how I would in real life I think alot and also think it’s a bad idea for region transfers for the reasons I’ve stated Mainly would have a higher p2w factor and also a huge gold influx Because it would be a huge discrimination against the other regions if they only allowed na-euro transfers alot of people played other regions as well and that would destroy the already bad economy we already have.

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