regarding the designpreview.function

You are not supposed to open every single box or unseal every single item at the beginning.

I dont know what you’ve done to your weapon. i never had to buy additional repairtools than the once i received via quests. I still have every single one i’ve got with my masterpack *cough*

Instant delivery is not meant to receive everything with it. It’s meant for things you need right away. in cities you can receive your mail at the vault-guy without any additional fee.

the keys and unsealing chars will be anough to reach lvl45 – and at that level you easily ear enough so that the keys, charms and repairtool dont hurt alot. furthermore – it is to be expected, that once the economic on the liveserver starts running, there will be large stacks of cheap items in the market.


the marketslots are one sellingpoint of the premium, so dont expect any change here

regarding the designpreview.function: i’m with you

I never tried to cancel a sale – if it’s not possible yet – yeah, that would be important.


during the beta, there will not be any real economic, but this is important to judge the craftig and it’s benefits. in most games, the only things that really matters and can be crafted, are only available a the latest stages. I will wait until then to make my mind abou this topic.

Clipping – yeah, it’s a thing that triggers me also a bit – but it’s damn hard and complex to completly avoid this things to happen.

pricing – well, there were exactly one outfit of 2k – but prices are not final, therefore feedback is important, as i think, NCSoft is also testing how we react to the prices and what we are willing to pay. 1.2k is ok for me – but might not be for others.

food and pots – same as charms etc – i never had to buy any additional ones. Food that regens faster could be a thing – for the potions – i dont know if there are some potions that can be crafted at a later date – but i guess that stronger potions can interfere with the balancing. so i would refrain from bringing these thing into play.

And finally the Alt thing: i would take a bet, that the wardrobe will never be crosschar as NCsoft want to sell costumes.

The iea of the shared storage is something, other players will hate you for. more chars need more space over all – if every character shares the same sorage – you will get a big problem. specially when you havn’t upgraded it to max already.

wait for the live economy to tick in and dont waste your resources on unnecessary stuff.

– some thing are designed inconvinient to encourage ppl to spend money

preview, clippingissues, marketplaceordercancelation(what a horrible abomination of a word) are things i also think sould be adressed some way

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