Reasons Why People Quit BnS

Okay, time for a debate, entertain me as best you can and tell me your thoughts against mine.

Top 4 reasons I see people quitting are, Too much grinding. PvP being whatever, P2W and Bots / hackers. I’ll now address each of these, hope you can give me a good show.

1: Too much grinding.
It’s a Korean MMO for a reason, welcome to the genre, is it your first time? If so, then lemme tell you, Korean MMO’s are known specifically for the grind. Look at Aion, look at TERA, both of those are grindy, and even worse than BnS, especially with all the babying that the West has given to BnS. So, is it just that Korean MMO’s aren’t for the West? Did you not know what you were getting yourself into?

To me having the right mindset will prevent you from getting bored / tired / burnt out. “This is a Korean MMO, this grind is to be expected, farm for progression of my character is my top goal” did you have that mindset at the time? Probably not if this is the reason you or someone you know has quit.

2: PvP
“Why can’t I play this game solely for the PvP” “wahhhhhh HM levels” “wahhhhhhh HM skills”
Have I poked the bull yet? Well, lemme just kill the bull by saying this is a PvE game first and a PvP game second, with both intertwined with each other. If you quit because of that reason, then yeah sure, I can see that, it’s not the game you were looking for. If you’ve stayed thus far and just complained about it, saying they should “give us free HM skills, levels, etc” whatever, then I don’t get you at all, because it will never happen and you’re wasting your time, why do you do it?

3: P2W
Ahhhh this fabled topic…Depends on your definition I guess but uhhhhhh, my personal definition is “If I can’t get it at all, without paying. (Gems in this case) Then it is p2w”..Now with that said, what exactly is p2w besides Gems in this game so far? Even then they’re remedying it by giving them to us through events. The upcoming event rewards you with a citrine which has yet to be rewarded. That means they’re releasing them, one by one, slowly, the p2w in gems is slowly being taken away by giving them through events such as this, all you’re doing at this rate is “Pay to have it sooner.” Now if that rustles your jimmies for whatever reason to see someone with better shit than you in PvE…that’s up to you.

4: Bots and Hackers
Lol, this topic. Ok, first off every game has these, don’t say X Y Z game doesn’t because it most likely does. With that said, look at TW and look at NA / EU, TW makes no effort at all to get rid of them, NA / EU makes a lot of effort and is probably the only server to crack down on them, they’re trying, so, why are you quitting or have already quit when they’re trying their best? I don’t understand.

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