Potential Gunner/Archer Class Incoming

I know a lot of people have been wanting a gunner/archer class and there has been a few threads on it. Personally I don’t really care for gunner but I know some people do so I just wanted to pass along some information I came across recently about a new class (after the Qi Master) coming next year. The Qi Master is supposed to release pretty soon in December (the 15th in KR I believe) and it sounds like it will be around the same time too for CN. (Of course we won’t get it until at least after WL).
Anyways, here’s the direct quote from Tencent:

A: Qi Master will arrive this winter, and there will be a new class next year as well. It will not be a hybrid, and has yet to appear in the game before. All I can say is, it is a class which has been highly-anticipated for some time.

It says it’s not going to be a hybrid so I’m just ASSUMING it will be a gunner/archer since it seems to be a common trend in games recently like Aion (didn’t Tera add a gunner too?) but if not then it could be a Polearm/spear class like that one NPC who’s name I can’t remember. (A huge gon with a crazy red hairstyle, saw him in Jaesung’s Qi Master stream on the test server).

Anyways, just something to look forward to in the future.

unfortunately BHS did add a gunner to Tera.
Upon implementation it was so ridiculously overpowered that eventhough it has received around a dozen or so damage nerfs by now, it is still considered to be top tier dps. It can dodge things you shouldn’t be able to dodge, like one shot mechanics, doesn’t die when it fails to dodge this sort of thing, because it has a second life for some reason (the old classes don’t, they die) and the skill effects are so over the top, that gunners cause lag of epic proportions. The sound effects also make you want to pull your own hair out.
BHS does this with all new classes though. The new ones are incredibly overpowered compared to the old ones.

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