Possible New Blade And Soul PvP Area Exploit

I witnessed a group of Cerulean players on top of the center tent on the Crimson side fighting one of the NPCs on the roof. One NPC seemed to be completely stuck in place the whole time. She was at half health and they ignored her while they pummeled the other one. Seems like an exploit given that one NPC could not move or attack (did not appear to be rooted by spells). Devs, please look into this. I can provide (additional) screenshots if needed.
Edit: Additional Info…the NPC was Heuk Bulmu (150 PP) and his two bodyguards, Mo Kun and Ilmae. Ilmae was nowhere to be seen, possibly already dead. Mo Kun was the bodyguard that was stuck. They never bothered to finish her off since she’s not worth any Prestige.

Screenshot Info: Note that the Cerulean players in question here are not in combat (they had just killed Heuk Bulmu), yet Mo Kun is clearly in a combat pose…lusting for revenge. I noted that she could change her facing to look at a target but could not otherwise do anything.

P.S. The identity of the players is of no real relevance as this will soon be copied by certain types of players from both factions so the screenshot is free of names. However, bringing attention to the exploit IS important. Thanks for reading.

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