Poison bees needs a bigger boost to dps

Hey all,
im guessing we are all aware that hacks and bugs are being exploited in BaS to the limits….
I just wonder whats the next step of action… is there a plan being put in place to sort it out? can we have some kind of information letting us know if things are going to get better?

So far we have encountered Bots in dungeons… we manage with those by just creating a full pt instead of pressing LFP button
Teleporting hacks in SSP/Arena/Everywhere else, people fly across the SSP doing 4 wounded soldiers withing a min or less. i find it irritating.
Resistance hacks in arena are just damn stupid… there is nothing we (just normal players) can do against that,
Stealth summoners are unbeatable atm if their script is done properly…. our servers ranking is full of those and you can see those str8 away.
Spinning destroyers (i know its probably not bug as such) in arena when the second you stun/daze/knockdown them they instantly spin out of it making it unable to combo anything. and yes thats a pretty bad issue from my point of view because most of the classes have a couple of escapes where spins basically make it anytime escape with no CD (i’m quite sure BDs can do the same)

and just from my point of view i believe putting all hacks on side, that summoners need a slight buff and skill fixing.
Our grab escape only works if timed right for start. For example you can only escape BDs force grab right before the blade hits you. It should work anytime you are grabbed not timed.
HM bees say they insta cast on pinned, grabbed, stunned, dazed, knockdown, air bound players however when they are pinned it doesn’t cast for free or instant.
Poison bees needs a bigger boost to dps. you can win by using them but it takes forever (almost entire 1v1 fight in arena)

I think thats all ive noticed thats needs fixing asap
hope we can get some info if any of that is going to get fixed any time soon

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