Playing any character on NA servers from australia is horrible

As I have played in the TW server for awhile, of course lower ping server is highly preferable. However as what happened with several regional variations of the game adaptation, I could not stress further of the importance of having a good publisher, which I hope NCsoft would handle it themselves instead of giving it’s right to third party. Had to say that SEA region publishers is the epitome of P2W and greed. I know there’s some outrage on the topic of NA BnS regarding some alteration, but trust me, if a SEA server is held by third party it would be no less disaster than what happened to CN.

To be honest, if this game got an AUS/Oceanic server/s it would be successful, so many people including myself would not believe it if they heard a game like this was being hosted nearby.

ALOT of people are immediately turned off the idea of playing a game that which PVP/PVE even requires quick reaction time, and knowing the game doesn’t have nearby servers to allow that to happen, resulting in a bad experience.

I know the current number of Australian/Oceanic players/fans would increase because players like this would see and realize that there is finally a good game that we have a chance in.

As for AWS, it is a much cheaper hosting option in most circumstances rather than running your own data center. Anyways I don’t work for Amazon so I’m not here trying to promote it, but we migrated most of our systems across at work because it was significantly cheaper to run. It makes spinning up a new server in a different global region literally a few mouse clicks, rather than having to negotiate a local data center distributor/host to run your servers halfway across the world where you don’t have any staff.

I don’t know much about Amazon/AWS, so I apologize for my mistake. Just curious, what’s the bandwith like with AWS? Due to the fact of how thousands of people connecting to the server at once, not to mention it saving every little bit of Data, Most of your systems at work? Hmm, I’m curious what type of systems, because I know Amazon itself can handle the bandwith, but how generous do you think they’ll be with an entire game server relating to bandwith and speeds? It would nearly be like Amazon was running the server/game itself in this region.

As it stands I enjoy the PvE aspects of the game, I’m having a fun time, but I’m not going to be spending a lot of money on the game if they’re not willing to spend some on us as players. As others have said, if they marketed it here it would be well received. I know I’d personally pay for premium membership in that case, which I certainly won’t be doing while I’m playing on US servers. I’m not too hopeful though, I’ve been playing MMORPGs for almost two decades now, and 9 times out of 10 companies can’t be bothered to cater to us, despite the fact that we have vastly more disposable income than the other demographics they target.

playing any character on NA servers from australia is horrible, try soloing a high level boss like pohwaran with the same gear as someone on NA and theyll finish about 20 minutes before you do, soloing level 50 content probably wont even be possible for us with the delay.. this is my favourite mmo but seeing how much of a disadvantage i have in soloing pve, faction pvp and arena pvp, it makes me not even want to bother logging into this game. i dont understand why they wouldnt open atleast 1 oceanic server anyway since they are saying NA servers are constantly over maximum capacity, add an oceanic server and let us transfer out of there.

I do see some SEA guilds recruiting in my server (Old Man Cho) but it’s not the problem of getting into guilds, it’s more of a problem of not being able to play with my current friends from around the world as we join in new games. Note that these friends are the same people I’ve been playing with in other games.

The last thing I want to see is Geyrena or Playfark gets the right to publish the game here in SEA. Look at what happened to PSO2. I had to give up on my JP’s account for a dead server (look at the channels) and how lame the way they named things. Samurai? It’s called Braver for a reason. I can’t imagine what name they would come up for Bouncer. And I’m done with idiots who keep calling others nood 24/7. It’s funny when they can’t even spelled the word noob properly.

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