Play Infographc puzzle

hey guys.
Something odd occurred when I decided to finally upgrade my belt to Awakened Oathbreaker so I won’t have to use the potion for the asura fight.

SO, originally I used the scorpio Belt for partial resist, but it didn’t matter as i just used the potion.
but that’s not important, what IS important is on the Play Infographic, I have four pieces of equipment listed above Sogun’s Lament, two at Sogun’s Lament and one at Sundered Nexus
I’ll list it:

True Oathbreaker Earring, Ring, Necklace, SCORPIO BELT – 8+ – N/A
True Breeze Staff, True Oathbreaker Braclet – 7 – Sogun’s Lament
Soul – 6 – Sundered Nexus

Ok, here is where it gets weird:

the SCORPIO BELT, which only partially resists the brand, is listed ABOVE Sogun’s Lament
but when I equip my maxed Awakened Oathbreaker belt, which completely resists the brand, as I assume from the wording, haven’t actually run Asura yet since upgrading the belt, it’s listed BELOW Sogun’s Lament at Sundered Nexus level


I actually take personal pride in having more of my gear listed above Sogun’s Lament, but going by the Play Infographic, I’m WEAKER by equipping the belt that completely resists the brand, I could understand if the belt was listed at Sogun’s Lament level, since it resists Asura’s brand, but it’s listed BELOW Sogun’s Lament while the inferior Scorpio belt is list ABOVE it!


I know many may not care about the Play Infographic, but I like the clear graph telling my ability level for the avalible content.

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