Opinions about the Assassin class:”My own views.”

Feel free to respond at will, according to the topic, and also my views on the class I play. Assassins have no guard, more a countering class, also I like them a lot. The stuns, cooldowns, also timing belt is fine. Although, we were not built for guarding, and more squishy for a reason. Some areas of the assassin are very nice, the class itself is a well based thought, once you run out of stuns, counters, and ways to keep your opponent in lockdown. really it all depends on the cooldowns, using them at the proper times, also due to the event many classes have been complaining over us. So, I’m taking the time to note some opinions, also the timing of various attacks with other classes. For example, about level twenty-five, I took out two blademasters, and not they are good buddies of mine. So, funny story, there are good players, and we turned it into sort of an open spar. A buddy saw that, they added me, and we are pretty chill. Although, most classes don’t see this timing belt to their attacks, like in team battles, but that’s for the six seconds we are in combat as well. I found it a good strategy to use an assassin first, pull out, set up a buddy, and weaken the targets quickly. Force masters really rock in team battles, they’re not a solo player class, also you can argue with me if you like here. Because, I know a few people who are entitled to their views over all classes, also the sheer fact summoners can heal. It’s more based on skill, not going in alone, but also knowing a bit about the class. Hence why the closed beta is such a nice add into playing early to get players views on each class.

The classes all seem even, although blademaster just destroys at lower levels.I was an assassin, taking the buddies of mine on, and it really took some skill to work around them. Although, got them down, although twice. So, wasn’t bad, but we had a friendly fight on our server. Each class, each use of how you setup the ability tree, also using it at the correct time seems to really make this a wonderful game. The timing, knowing what to use, also when is a great add to the assassin role. Using cooldowns, is like saying you won’t get something back from a forcemaster for a while. So, it teaches some patience, to lay low, also wait for them to slip up on their ability to take you out. The guard really wasn’t needed ever for our class, the form of compensation we had, or for that will always be the counters. The ability to use something, leaving it on a cooldown, and then you have more a limited opening toward a window with an inexperienced player rolling a class against a person you would call:”Experienced at playing one class, sticking to what they are good at, also enjoying it as a player gameplay style that works for you.That to me doesn’t need a nerf, there are just simple things you are wasting, also with haste nothing good comes up in a war of cooldowns. It determines a lot with classes like a force master, and assassin due to the agility of the class. We are more weak to heavy attacks, guards, and more ways to change up our playstyle toward how you can counter our inability. As a trade off for your ability we don’t have already, we do have a lot of stuns, interrupts, and chains in our ability tree. So, that we can backup the fact you have straight up faceroll attacks, but in a genuine aspect. This is up for debate, my opinion of this article isn’t the the class needs changes. I mean if we could guard, that would be op, but really everything is there in place for a good reason? So, the class itself is balanced, blademasters seem pretty fun, and low level three hit combos at the level I took them both on. Literally wiped me out normally, the knock ups, things we all will have to utilize, also just like every other class to find an opening for a chance to bring you to your knees. Then, use that ten silver to come to the Crimson Order, but that’s all for now. Please do not spam this chat, use at least one paragraph, or more to tell me how you feel about the class you’ve played in regards to the third closed beta. Thanks, have a good morning, I will check back, but only when I wake up tomorrow. Responding to your questions, comments, also concerns. Have a good morning, and see you in this chat. Then, in the next two closed betas, and onward into open beta.”

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