Opening Hot Summer Boxes

Dannyinfect if you want to try your luck. i would just buy the 50. You Might get lucky but if not save it for trove
Kitcalle ah yeah i agree with you on that i regret even doing this really. The normal upgrading mats like stingers you barely get anything. It is worth for the exp charms . The aqua gem is okay but is mostly a pvp tem/

My aren’t we a rude fellow. You do realize i am not winning anything out of the boxes right?. Pvp is equalized in arena. Can’t really win at Pve.. Infinity tower no matter how good your gear is. If you dont know your class you wont get far. 6v6 is rather dead and has lack luster reward for amount of time. They even mention on twitter that they will have event that non paying players can get the new gem. I respect your opinion if you say i am p2w then that is fine with me. Thank you for watching the video

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