One blade and soul question regarding

Ok.. so.. well all know that if you post about a bot .. your topic gets removed and you get a slap on the face for doing something good for the community .. because hell that’s what NCstaff thinks about the people in this game.

Now.. yesterday I think.. I decided to report 2 bots that have “player” names… but with 2 different settings… one was camping and just attacking the other one was running from A to B .. and then attack.. I still have the video.

I made a topic about it .. and it got removed in 1 min MAX… and ofc I got a slap on the face telling me that “we already have enough post about bots .. bla bla” .. and heres the part that pissed me off .. they stated and I QOUTE ” WE DONT EVEN KNOW THAT THEY ARE BOTS” end qoute .. … Ok.. now how dare you tell me that if you dont even WATCH THE VIDEO… Oh . hang on I know . maybe because you didnt even watch it … now let’s add on that… 2 players .. with bots…. and 1 has premium… and the guy that has PREMIUM IS SITTING AT THE SAME SPOT FOR OVER 2 DAYS… and THE OTHER BOT .. is no longer running from A to B .. now his sitting next to this other bot ….. For more then 2 days.

The funny part ? I think there settings on the scrip failed .. because now they only dashes at the mob / boss but no longer attack . haha. the weapon is not broken.

They are Right now at Profane CH 1… Ebon Hall

Now .. how come I get a warning … and you guys have TIME . to warn us for reporting or making the stupid names public ? but not hop on the serves and ban these guys .

Please Keep in mind . these are NOT TRAIN BOTS … no . they are from what I can tell . real players that decided to test the bot system.. so banning them or finding out the IP .. would maybe stop something.

So why dont they ? I’ve been on the forum long enough.. yes I get the fact that banning bots is not a solution and they are looking for a fix to kill them all at once.. BUT STILL .. I’m talking about maybe a PLAYER.. that decided to test the bot to see how it works … banning would kinda end it .. I mean these 2 bots are in the same stop . lvl 45 . for like . 2/3 days .. Admins / GM don’t have time to even check for 5 mins . some KEY SPOTS ? .. Is it that HARD ? but they have time to WARN US ..? the community ? how dose that work.. what had to snap in that brain to punish the good guys and let the bots run free like that ? I mean .. this is not the first and you can bet your sweet ass it wont be the last post regarding this… it’s beyond stupid.

hahaha “we don’t even know that they are bots” .. that part deserves a *cricket*ing medal right there.

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