NCsoft’s removal of Bots and Spammers from view, feelings, etc.

I was just strolling the forums today because it has been a while. Then I see a new post pop up in Chinese in the English forums and it made me curious. I clicked it and started google translating seeing that it doesn’t make much sense. Thought well that was weird, go back to the forums and see 2 more sprout up just like it. They are seriously spamming the forums as well? I do a little research on the forums and find out this isn’t new, its been happening for a little while. Same kind of posts.
Two minutes later, I go back to find the page again and they have been removed. I’ve seen the thread pop up and get removed within 2 minutes. That’s fantastic! Great response time! Until you think about it. NCSoft just removed the obvious eye-sore of their failure to get rid of these accounts. Same way we were laughing about how all the bots on the PVP ladder will get invites to the tourney. Then they all of a sudden went poof today and vanished. Those accounts were removed ONLY because we can purely see NCsoft’s failure to fix the problem. The bots/hackers that weren’t listed on the leaderboards will soon take their place and then vanish again. All they are doing is sweeping the obvious problems that newcomers would see under the rug.

I play this game alone, but it didn’t start that way. My fiance was into this game before it was released in NA. She was hyped it was coming out here and I gave it a try with her. Our RL friend also joined in to play with us. I LOVE THIS GAME. The mechanics, the style of the game, the world. They have since quit because we can’t even talk to each other with out having to scroll up in our log between the spammers to even read what the other typed. They gave up on the arena before when it was primarily infested with the destro bots. I kept telling them to just ignore the spammers, block them and move on. Now I play alone because they couldn’t stand it and I was more tolerant. Yet here I am, quit the arena myself because destro bots evolved into unkillable summoner bots. Here I am having to either sit down and delete 10-15 entries of my blocked list to block more people, or give in and not ever be able to chat with anyone in my guild again. Here I am trying to ignore all those problems and kill some plog bosses and see this:

Here I am being the more tolerant one, and I can’t help but feel like enough is enough. All the things that I love about this game no longer shield me from the negatives. I have put a lot of time and money into this game, and as hard as it is to walk away from something you have invested in, I think I need to step away from the game for a while. I have paid, now they need to get to work. Porting a game to English and doing some localization while raking in all the cash from the NA release and not fixing any of the problems is bullshit. The game has already been developed, if they aren’t using our money on fixing the problems, then they will never fix them. I guess I will check back in a month or two, maybe longer, and see if there has been any progress. If not, then I will not support this cash grab any longer, and I suggest others to do the same if you haven’t already.

It is difficult yes. It is far from impossible. All other MMOs have this issue and while I would not declare any of them bot/spammer/bns goldseller free, they would all look like BnS if they did nothing about it. They all combat it in some way. The degree of how the game fights back differs and thus have different degrees of how bad all these problems are. SquareEnix has an entire team devoted to this, their Special Task Force (STF). And even as silly as that team sounds, they get results. Before they had it, bots and spammers ran rampant, even tho it still wasn’t as bad as BnS. Anyone at NCsoft could literally log in, and see 50+ people that need instant bans within 30 minutes of play. They could queue up for an arena match and ban 40% of the people they encounter there. They don’t. They could literally go through the mass reports people file against botters/spammers. They don’t. I have filed at least 15 reports on the same bot who sits at a rich Silverfrost Quartz location, that has never moved. Still there.

There are ways to combat these issues, other games have, this game could too if they only tried. I’m not asking for 100% bot/hacker/spammer free. That’s just childish. I am asking for something better than it currently is. I really don’t see how it can get worse.

Yes every game has these problems. This is just what a game looks like when they don’t do anything about it.

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