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Sorry for any inconveniences this has caused you. As of now, Blade and Soul is still in the process of Beta Test. Rest assured that the game developers is doing what they can to make this game better for our players.

We would like you to know that the Blade and Soul Closed Beta Test is still closed and we are unable to do more technical assistance and troubleshooting procedures. But to help us better understand the cause of this issue, please send us the following information about your network setup on the weekends or when the CBT 5 goes live:
To start, please send us the following information about your client and network setup:
What realm/server are you experiencing this issue on?

Do you use DSL, cable, dial-up, satellite, or another connection method?
Do you use any routers, hubs, or switches? If so, could you tell us the make and model of that equipment?

Does your computer connect wirelessly, or does it use an Ethernet cable for connectivity (quick tip: If you’re connecting wirelessly, please try a wired connection)?
Who is your Internet service provider?

Where are you located? Your city and state/province would be helpful.
Are you on a home, campus, business, or military network?
Do you use any Internet Security Applications (ISA) or firewalls such as CYBERsitter, “”Net-Nanny,”” ZoneAlarmr, McAfeer or NortonT?
Additionally, I would like you to use a free-trial program called PingPlotter Standard that may be of some use to us in determining the health of your Internet connection while installing or downloading Blade and Soul. What this program will do is graph your Internet connection so we can visually see your connection to the Blade and Soul servers. This will help determine if the downloading issue is coming from your network, a data center in-between or if it’s coming from the Blade and Soul servers themselves.

You can find the program and information on how to use it at http://www.pingplott…m/download.html

Please download and install the Standard version of PingPlotter. Run the program and in the upper left corner you will see an “”””Address to Trace””””: section.
In that field type in the following IP depending on if you are on an NA or EU server:
North America:
Once the IP is typed in, click on the Trace button. Please allow the tool to run for at least 30 minutes even if you are unable to install, patch, or play. Once you have at least 30 minutes of data, please switch over to PingPlotter and click on the Stop button.
(NOTE: Please run the PingPlotter report during the time that you are experiencing this issue. So if you are experiencing lag or being disconnected in game, please run the report during these times if this is your issue.)
Next, click on File -> Save Sample Set and save the file to your computer in a location that will be easy to find, such as your Desktop. Then please update your incident at the provided link and attach the report.

For more information, please see the following links:
CBT Schedule:
Help with other issues:
We look forward to hearing back from you.
NCSOFT Support Team

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