My review on the Blade And Soul

So I’ve played numerous games throughout my gaming history. I love FPS/MMORPGS. I started gaming when I was 8 years old, Im currently 31 and still a hardcore no-lifer gamer when I find the right game. Name an Mmo RPG I’ve probably downloaded and gave it a try, you name it I’ve probably looked into it or tried it. From p2w to p2p some subs.

But my review on this game is simply this. Its awesome sauCe! xD.

About Me:

Its been hard for me to find a good RPG I could get into, Ive been looking since 2007 while still stuck in my current game. A game called 2moons (acclaim) now known as Dekaron. Why I love that game
-Skill based
gotta know your class, and how other classes work
-Gear based
its a fwarking grind fest, looking for those higher level armor and weapons) You can increase your stats up to 4 times… ranging from defense for melee classes and resistance for magic clases.
Every piece (Helmet, Gloves, Armor, Pants, Boots, Rings x2, Belt, Earings, necklace) of gear you had was upgradeable from +1 up to +9, the appropriate items. Socketable also with fancy gems that gave extra melee dmg, or magic dmg. The shields you could put blocking gems in them.
-Level based
Well this game has no level cap, to this day… The highest players are 195+. My characters range from 170 and up. Mind you, I been playing that game for well over 9 years.
-PK System
Wow best PVP/PK system ever, IMO ofc. Think every level above Lvl 15 zone was a PKable zone. You were not safe anywhere, unless you changed servers. LOL
Talking about Guild vs. Guild, the true way a PVP/PK system should reign.

This Game:

I can say this is probably one of the best games I’ve played in a very long time.
I’m still hitting the ice berg on this game.
This game in the beginning stages isn’t to good, but once your start Leveling up, you start unlocking new skills, you learn the combo system a bit better.

The questing is kind of pew pew. Run here, go talk to this guy, come back to me, pick this herb. (but its a *cricket*ing MMORPG) Go figure… lol
I first started upgrading equipment and thought to my self, OHHHH great one of those games where in the end everyone will be full geared with the same equipment and gear. Because nothing fails. Guess this comes down to skill in the end. Thought again, how g4y… not a grinding game. What’s the advantage for a real grinding MMO player, this is your typical game flooding the market. Time to search for a new one.
Then I started to read on the forums about people QQing about the drops how they arnt getting the drops they need. So there is hope!

PK / PVP system – I just wish it was more focused towards PK/PVP/GUILD WARS and alliances. But, I’m still a low level, maybe later on there are more pk areas, without having to have your Faction Outfit, I would like to see inner faction wars also. Cause in the long run their are current players who are annoying and you would like to pk them xD.
I also wish the leveling wasn’t so easy, So many players already LVL 45, what happened to the good ole days where, the no lifers/grinders were the ones up there in LEVEL RANGE.

All in all this is a great game and has a lot of potential. Let me remind some of you that are QQing and want everything now, or think you deserve this because your a spoiled little brat. This game only has been released for about a week now. You can all hoot and holler saying KR/JP been playing it for years. IDGAF this is the NA version. Things take time.

This game will progress with or without you and your crying. Your crying and complaints have no bearing on the changes they will make to the game. The game is already created. I’m sure they will take ideas and recommendations and fix bugs. But the complaining has to stop, its cool to vent. But on the real side if you don’t like it. Go back to your old mmoRPG or go find a new one.

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