MMO Grinder: Blade and Soul review

PVP system is great.. so sick of the wow two factions at war thing. Here is more that the two faction are rivals but not necessarily enemies (if that makes sense). So from a story perspective you are not in a perpetual war with no end but both factions have the same overall objective (save the world and crap) is their ideologies that conflict (and often make them come two blows). Also mean that the player base isn’t divided since outside faction activities you will end up questing with people from any faction. (side note: since factions are optional you can even not be part of one).

Grind is a necessary evil of MMO’s sadly. It just to expensive to make enough content that can last months without feeling like grind or samey, so grind is used to slow down progression. Sadly a lot of mmo’s just drop grind walls instead of making a nice smooth grind curve.

Watched your Scarlet Blade review… well done…. played the shutdown on that one then went to Blade and Soul …. sort of I tend to get sucked into it for more time then I should… you did a good job on your review of it too… My MMO experience is a bit limited, so if I get curious about a game… this appears to be a good spot for a description of what I am getting into. Had not watched the Conan one yet, but I have not been back to that world since B&S got ahold of me.I was a bit disappointed about only having 2 characters in B&S, since I did the max number in SB… The control interface I did move a lot of the excess out of the way…. missed the ‘make it disappear’ key in SB… thanks for the good reviews.

I think most, if not all, MMO gamers are accustomed to framerate drops in busy areas to the point that warning would seem unnecessary. How many Asian MMOs get simultaneous Western releases? When I see an Asian release game I tend to figure I will have to wait a year or 2 before talk of English localization even starts.

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