Marcet prices are a thing that cannot be predicted for sure

After just 4-5 month in which the silverfrost area and it’s weapons are live there comes an announcement that the costs of the weapons is 30-50% reduced… While in general lower costs are a fine thing i ask myself whatfor did i farm all those last month – i mean the stingers are from tops 3g down to 40s in the AH (in a dungeon 15-20s). The moonstones did fall after the price reduction was announced and i asked myself why i was so stupid to spend hour after hour in the game to get good or top gear to now read about a hardcore price reduction…

I feel a little bit scammed… i mean i invested round about 2075 g in stingers alone (830 x 2,5g/average) in todays cost after the stinger flood it would be only 332g (830*0,4) and even this price is now reduced… I mean ok – cheaper weapons come with more motivated players – so maybe fewer people leave the game – also the ridiculous wishes of the community to get total over-powered ap for some low dungeons (like 550+ for BSH or 650+ for Yeti, …) will be satisfied…

But wouldn’t it be possible to get the players that played the game more than others some kind of compensation like “you have legendary – you get some materials/skills/… for your twink if you wish so” or even another thing to not feel so bad after calculating the fact that you would have way more money if you had sold your stuff instead of upgrading and using the new weapon path…

This might be – but honestly i don’t think so because it is not a shortime event but a longterm change of the system… Also stingers are not really rare anymore – i myself possess about 2k of them.

But anyhow – this is not the point. Marcet prices are a thing that cannot be predicted for sure – what is a problem is that all players that invested materials now see that others do not even have to gather the same amount of materials as they have… And that’s the worst part – they get nothing as compensation for their efforts… At least it does not seem so at the moment.

If i go to the shop of my thrust were i buy stuff every week/month/year since the day x (or maybe even my father and his father… bought from that specific store) and i see this announcement 2 days later – yeah i really think the owner of this particular shop would try to compensate me for customer satisfaction – especially if it does not cost him anything.

Talking about upgrade, could any of you guys teach me the fastest way to lvl up my crafting skills to be able to craft better transformation stones? when i started playing this game i did it as a team with a friend, but he got bored of the bugs in the game not being fixed and he refuse to keep playing, and he was my crafter, i was getting him the resources and nothing else, now i want to keep playing but he wont play…now i am at lvl 50 with no crafter.

Ok let’s reformulate this – i do not know any player that has not either extreme luck or used some events that was able to get all upgrades done in a month. And even if – it does not change the fact that it is a crappy feeling for him. For example cost reduction for Moonwater items came after silverfrost was released and the area did not matter for all ppl that were ahead with their stuff – so noone was offended. But this is another story – materials from silverfrost are needed even vor legendary and soul-upgrades due to the funny premium transformation stones.

Yes – maybe our alts would benefit .But i lost my will to play already and i feel cheated because my premium transformation stones are failing one after other ,wasted so much gold and materials and time …playing constantly more then 8 h and didn’t reach the legendary yet -and no i ain’t gonna swipe for this ,the game is enough bad as it is and doesn’t worth .
I do agree with BranX. While I do understand some people’s frustration, I don’t understand why this is a surprise to them. Heck, I upgraded my wep to True Scorpio less than 10 days ago, knowing that the price of materials were dropping and will continue to drop. But frankly, I did not care. I needed/wanted that upgrade right there and then so I did it.

The usual phases when it comes to weapons and gear in MMOs is they are very hard and expensive to get when they are first released but as time goes by, these same items become easier and easier to obtain. That makes it easier for new player or alts to get to end game content faster. If I want to play a game and someone tells me that it will take 2 years to get to where most other players at in weapon and gear progression, I’d say thanks but no thanks and never touch that game.

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