List methods for specific hardware configs

Let me start this off with I will list methods for specific hardware configs that will improve all around game performance for most people that have poor performance and get people with ok FPS up an additional 20-30%. I will list How to set the Blade and soul SLI profiles for the korean version that gets your SLI working properly.

For SLI users the proper SLI profile to use it in the driver pack but not connected to client.exe Nvidia has yet to fix this for the NA version of the game. For those of you that had use the FFXIV profile for Blade and soul please stop using it as that profile has been updated and is not optimum for BnS. You will need a simple piece of software called Nvidia Inspector. I will provide a link to a trusted download if you would rather find it yourself please do i will take no offense.

This is for mobile Users Use at your own risk i do not know the cooling properties of every laptop there is and how long it is rates to stay at a Higher C state.

use this website to see how to change your power options then go into the advanced setting and navigate to what you see in my screen shot and set the minimum processor state between 75% and 100% this will cause the laptop to become warmer you at your own risk. reccomended having a elevated platform for the laptop.

I am currently in bed but it sounds like you might have a issue with some file permissions there’s a fast and simple way to test and fix this without a full reinstall. You create a new user in Windows followed by making sure client.exe is set to run as admin under properties and compatability. And the steps you saw in my first post very important to not let game guard and the game run on the same core if an instruction or memory call times out game guard will stop the game.

try creating a new user account in windows. and when you do right click on BnS launcher go to properties then to the compatiability tab, at the bottom you will see this program as administrator. check this. do the same to client.exe under C>program files>NCSOFT> BnS>bin> client.exe and do the same.

you need to create a new shortcut for blade and soul, find it, right click, select properties, click advanced, run as admin, click apply and ok and use that shortcut. Unless you’re using special setting to just game on, you don’t have the need to test under a guest account that will limit your admin permissions for other programs.

nope there is no way to do this. class in DX9 can only be supplied to the GPU so fast and is very CPU bound. you can get a few more fps by increasing the clock speed of the gpu but it is help back by how fast the cpu can feed it. overclocking the CPU does help a bit and i do have testing back from feb when i was having troubles and i started this long road to where i am now. I had lost faith in helping people as when i had ask for others to help me build a data set all they did was shit on my method and my results. so i stoped helping people. But i have helped many many people over team speak and clan and they all suggested i try and help the public again so i am going to do so as long as people are willing to put a bit of effort into it and not expect every thing to be perfect every time.

yes that patch broke some file permission if you try and create a ne user account within windows and right click on blade and soul lancher then properties then compatability tab then check run this program as aministrator. then navigate to the ncsoft folder bns> bin then right click client.exe and do the same it should clear some of that up.

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