Limit on selling to in-game vendor?

Apparently there is a limit on how much crap you can sell to a general merchant. This is a joke, no mmo in history has ever limited the amount of items you can sell to vendor. I understand limiting the in-game marketplace sales to a certain amount per day. But to vendor? I’m rank 9 premium even. Absolutely absurd….guys and gals, don’t waste your time with this piece of shit company. There are better games out there that aren’t made by this joke called NCSOFT.

1 stack of broken pieces from salvaging low end soul shields.

I found this long ago when I was saving them for a little extra money early game, and had more than 1 full slot of 1000, I have sold some junk weapons and then couldn’t sell the entire stack of broken ones, and had to try again and again and noticed it was 1000 limit to ANY of the NPCs, after you have sold 1000, the NPCs won’t buy from you anymore that day.

It is silly and pointless that you can only get 10 silver per ay from NPCs when the amount of things you are selling is so high anyway.

This is a reason you see fusion powder selling most often for 5 copper each, because:
1. people cant sell it to the MPC merchant
2. selling on the market place would lose money selling at 1 copper each due to taxes or fees or whatever they call them, so you have to price at least 3 copper to not lose money or just throw the stuff away.

Many people do throw the stuff away, but some of us would rather take the excess of items we have and try to pass them on to others. I can salvage my 5000 soul shield pieces to get my achievement, and other people can just sell their soul shield for 5 copper to the merchant and use that copper to buy my fusion powders…so they really gain nothing, but this isnt an economics class nor to fix the ruined economy and market system, just saying.

Good luck getting them to explain this arbitrary limit beyond speculation that it is a “blade and soul gold sink” and a way to micro-purchase things like Dragon Pouches to make you spend money to have inventory room to keep the excess over 1000 to sell until tomorrow.

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