I’ve played the closed beta of BNS for the 1st time

So, i’ve played the closed beta of B&S for the 1st time, it was very fun to play and all, then i went to pvp, when i entered pvp (and got slaughtered by a FM with my KFM) I’ve thought about some ideas to make being good at a specific class.

Teacher system:
I guess the teacher system is kinda obvious, it’s a teaching system where veterans train newbies to become better at their class, roles, etc.

Let’s make an example: In a MMORPG, a veteran, lv 100 player is having the intention to teach a new player that just reached lv 50, by using the teacher system, the teacher’s lv goes down to the same level as his student and receives a temporary equipment to accomodate the student’s stats, when done teaching the student for today, the teacher goes back to his original lv with all of his current equipment and stats back the way it was.

Now, the motive for this is simple, to teach new players with other players and have more of a social interaction rather than going through a tutorial with an NPC.

Training mode:
Training mode would be something that could be added in the pvp arena, what the training mode does is that it puts you in a arena where you can put mobs in it whenever it is a Kung Fu Master or a Summoner, in there, you can set the mob to be agressive to the player or just a idle mod like a training dummy (No, im not talking about the training dummies in this game).

This would be great in combination with the teacher system because it would serve as homework or even to train while your teacher is away for a moment, though, training with a dummy is one thing, training with real players is another story.

Anyway, these are my ideas, you can tell on the chat if it works or not, even share what should make the systems more helpful than useless or even show why it’s a bad idea to make this training system, either way, it was nice to share this idea to the community.

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