Is this how are you preparing us and yourself for B&S world championship?

Does NCKorea not care about their global image? Shouldn’t they be helping you on this mess?
Anyway I am over every single issue this game has and I still enjoy it to an extent;

no cross server dungeons so I dont deal with bots
no 1v1 so I dont deal with bots
no faction chat so i dont deal with spam (tho i put it back on now since spam list is 200, still annoying)
bad fps, performance, lag whatever, im OVER it
faction imbalance? OVER it
crappy community service? used to it..

But I am not going to let you ruin me and my friends day whenever we go to Tag matches, I don’t want to always recruit 3 people for tags.
I want to meet new people, make new friends, play with REAL people and interact.
I want to have memories, I want to see what they can bring and see their limit. I like the randomness of quick tag queue because it was always different people and skill levels. Now that’s gone, no more fun.

I don’t care much about cross server dungeons but that doesn’t mean other people also don’t. They probably go to cross dungeon to meet new people as well the same way I do with PvP. The idea of cross server is that you always have people to do stuff with. What if I like to hop in there from time to time to make new and fun friends? Meet undergeared noobs and carry them? Why are we helping the bots?

How can we do all the things i said with a BOT?

NCsoft, this was your biggest flop ever and your lack of enthusiasm is not helping the gigantic storm that’s destroying your game. Ship is sinking harder than titanic.

Wake up and do something before it’s too late.
We will leave and find better games to pvp or pve at but always be heartbroken. What would it be like if you guys fixed at least some of the issues….a dream.


but they let the BOTS steal our funtime. theyre 90% everywhere.

NCsoft made everyone learn to deal with the bot situation in cross server, but they worked around it, it was just pve and spamming dungeons. but still, we deny ourselves from the content. I really do enjoy going into cross server and meeting new people even though I have all true pirate/siren. Is that wrong to be social and willing to help? You took it away from me. I was safe in tag, meeting new people that also love PvP. GONE.

Are you really going to let the same happen to PvP? If you do then that sadly means all hope is lost for the future of this game..

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