In game support? Not even a single person?

This is really going to be simple and straight to the point…..Is there anyone on these servers who could be called a GM? Support? Mod, admin, the presiding god of the server? I honestly doubt I would get any response from anyone representing NCsoft, community reps as well other then to simply say “we’re going to pass this along” as is standard. The reason I ask this is because everyone already knows theres bots farming up servers – this isn’t anything new. I also tend to take a min to actually report BOT in the player context menu when theres 4 or 5 stacked doing their thing. But im just sitting here looking at nearly 30? 40? destros all stacked up in one place trying to build their levels up so they can go forth and become the AI farmers they’ve always dreamed of *tear*.

Its incredibly easy to see if there is a large number of bots in any single area, its only looking to find where they are. So I took 2mins and came across the mass of bots stacked up doing their thing. Eventually they will grow up and be the next wave of successful farm machines because there isn’t anyone I can *nudge* and say “hey there are a massive numbers of bots here you should take a look” – and with just that they could wipe the entire group. More will eventually begin the grind to replace the others but… would still help deal with the whole ‘bot’ problem despite how insignificant it may sound. BUT, I don’t have anyone to tell about this and I’m not gonna sit here clicking through every single name going down the list and reporting BOT for an hour – feels like more of a job then a game and I don’t remember being employed by NCsoft.

In the end, there isn’t much I can do since it seems that the servers are more or less ‘set it, and forget it’ – no one actually paying attention, no one in game to provide support for these kind of issues.

Well the latter part if your response is pretty much what I think should have been in place in one form or another at least by now. I have no background info on what may of happened in an attempt(?) to make just any random player some authority figure (mod, GM, etc)….without even knowing though there is no way that would be anywhere near a smart decision, The idea of using seperate GM specific interface/gui would be a nice step to make but, it still cant be relying on any random player who decides he wants do it.

I wouldn’t doubt for a moment that many people would abuse being given essentially admin to the server. If they were to do something in such a way though, it would need to be almost as an employee. That is assuming they can’t actually hire their own staff to handle the responsibilities (I’m unaware of their budget).

If they were to go with players, they would need to have some measures in place in order to prevent possible abuse – submitting an account log for their GM/admin account which detailed any actions that were made. Also doing it for free wouldnt be all too fair given you’re doing what should be their own job. Compensate with something such as providing premium account during the time. let em pick something cosmetic every X days weeks months etc. – you know, something that isn’t a tier 14 weapon that would actually have an impact on the game for others.

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