In Blade And Soul Problems ~ No solution or hope so far

Inb4 fan boys start raging and crying about this topic I must say that I love playing this game and I do spend time in both pve/pvp even tho I rather play pvp most of the, already little, time to play Blade and Soul. All the researches were made by me and I won’t give away the name of players I have interviewed by any means. I mean no disrespect to any player or ncsoft and ncwest. This post has healthy language and all the statements are true and made by me and for them I take full responsibility. If you don’t read the full post do not comment using offensive language. I apologize for any grammatical mistakes I have made during the post.

As an E-Sports game I really thought NCWest would be more serious about keeping the game running properly and that’s why I, and lots of other costumers, were hyped and bought this game. Coming from other games associated to NCsoft like Lineage and Aion, I knew that support and fixes were not the best in the game market, honestly probably one of the worst from big companies. But as I stated before, this game being an E-Sport NCWest should take more serious, considering that E-Sports involve sponsoring and lots of real money.

The problems that we, costumers, have been facing in this game are far beyond anything expected from an E-Sports game.
Here is a list of common problems that affect Professional players, PvPers (Non Professionals) and PvErs.

Lots of people have been experiencing chat issues, for some users chats are not working as intended, apparently the only chat boxes that works full time are All and Whisper. Clan Chat/Faction/System have been ‘deactivating’ themselves for no reason. Again this issue is only affecting a part of the players, not all of them. Some people says this problem may be caused by WTFast or similar ping booster programs, however that isn’t true because I have tested with and without different boosters and still experience chat problems so do couple of people I’ve asked.

Arenas are filled with bots. During week days when servers are less crowded specially in the so claimed dead hours you’ll face 7 bots out of 10 matches. That sucks for those looking for fun and real challenge in PvP. But it does not stop there. With the new Beans System it is possible to make money from Arenas from buying Soulstone pouches. Depending on the rank you are you’ll get 20S, 30G, 40P, 50D per pouch. Bots they never stop playing obviously so most of them are Blade And Soul Gold and they have farming beans all day long without punishment. This kind of problem completly breaks the in game market buy/sell/trade for regular and casual players.

Marketplace issues. Marketplaces have been going through issues since lunch that is nothing new. Sometimes it doesn’t work or it is shutdown for maintenance. Now marketplaces are working together with chat issues. Sometimes it goes fully transparent and won’t work for some players. When this issue happen you cannot buy or sell anything in the marketplace.

Doing some research around and talking to some experts in the area of network, apparently these problems are associated with their servers. Their servers are mostly unstable. Specially Arena servers. Players may not care, after all the pvp is fun, but the servers dedicated to the Arenas are really bad. As already said many times in this post, this game being an E-Sport and it’s main deal are these Arenas specially 1v1. These servers should be fully working and well configured to offer the best experience for the players. I’m not saying that PvE should be left out just because this game is an E-Sport. PvE is also important and probably NCSoft main source of money and should be taken more serious.

All in all this game have been a huge disappointment so far and it’s is noticeable how fast it downgraded from super hype to just another mmo around. This game has been less and less appearing in Twitch.TV channels and the number of subs over all have decreased dramatically. Obviously that’s not only because of the bad game support, part of the players just didn’t find the game as pleasant as they thought. But a huge amount of people are disappointed with how NCWest has been managing a game that is supposed to be taken serious.

I enjoy the game and will keep on playing it for now regardless of the issue we have been experiencing. I’m not a professional or hardcore player.

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