I’m forced to PvP to be able to get certain items at higher character levels

First of all, not a rant, just an opinion of why I decided to leave and uninstall this game.

I’m forced to PvP to be able to get certain items at higher character levels. I HATE PvP with a vengeance and if I’d known at the beginning that there would be no chance of progression without joining in PvP, I wouldn’t have bothered to start playing. The reason I hate it is because I’m a retired professional but unfortunately, with age comes progressive rheumatism, slight arthritis and an inability to get my fingers around the keyboard to carry out the keypresses necessary to PvP effectively. Don’t get me wrong, I can manage just fine in PvE solo and dungeon groups, it’s just PvP that gives me problems.

Ultimately, the game is no fun for me, and I’m dreading having to log on each day to carry out PvP Faction and Arena dailies to acquire the needed items to level up my gear. Not my scene, guys, so I decided to stop trying to flog a dead horse and travel to better pastures.

Second, in all the PvP arena matches that I did do, the only class that I just never, ever won against was Assassin, particularly at higher levels, on any of my characters. I was permanently stunned or knocked down, bleeding to death unable to cast anything on them because of their auto stealth after an attack, and even while spamming Phantom Grip or my point blank AoE while the buggers were in stealth and I was moving around , changing direction etc just waiting for them to reappear while I Bled to death, I never, ever managed to grab one due to being stunned or knocked down as soon as they appeared. Every other class I’ve managed to beat, although I have no idea how, but never an Assassin. In fact, I honestly can’t remember landing a single skill on one, ever.

Doing arena Dailies today ( Participate in 5 Arena Matches ), I came up against a Warlock first match. Dunno what he was playing at, but I beat him easily. My dread at having to do PvP lessened a little, as I queued for the next match. However, the Lord God of kicking a guy in the balls when he’s down was taking an interest in me, and lo and behold my next four matches were against Assassins. Obviously I lost, but didn’t land a single, solitary skill on any of them. The Straw to break the Camel’s back was in my hands, and I bought it down with a vengeance.

From the forums I notice that compulsory PvP is an issue, but not such a deal breaker for most people. However, rather than go through that dread of having to PvP just to get along in the game, I’m uninstalling and feeling an overwhelming relief at doing so. Such a nice game spoiled by one characteristic.

Good Luck to all ( except Assassins ), hope you get out of the game more than I did.

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