I do enjoy playing Blade and Soul very much

Apparently, alot of people have come to the conclusion that this game is ruined. In which case i agree. The amounts of issues has reached a level that no MMO player should have to deal with. EX: arena bots, macros, bns gold sellers/spammers, lag, broken markets, repetitive gameplay, freezing issues, launcher issues, i mean the list goes on. Any right minded person can login, go to a pvp arena and notice a bot immediately, so why cant some type of admin/GM go about banning them? There is a report button but what does it actually do? Players should not be responsible for reporting cheaters who can clearly bypass the terrible anti cheat after every update. PVP is dead, the open world is dead, the game is just simply dead. All these problems have gone unnoticed but yet NCSoft releases new character content and new market items? This is just about business, a nice profit from virtual items or premium memberships to allow access to discounts in game or fancy effects while running and no queue for servers (which is gone now). Pretty soon there will be no players to support your pockets because NCSoft ignored player input about problems in game. And yes i do enjoy playing Blade and Soul very much but it seems to me nothing has changed and i can no longer be a fan of something that went from great to horrible due to the company’s lack of interest on their own game. PEACE!

I for one will not be Boycotting a game that I have waited for years to play in the West.

I don’t agree that this game is ruined, I agree that it is on the same standards as other games:
Repetitive gameplay is common at max level in MMO’s where you grind dailies for blade and soul gold to upgrade your gear. Even sandbox MMO’s like ArcheAge resort to a repetitive PvP/Farming element. I don’t know what difference you’re hoping for…
“Broken Markets” – assuming you’re focusing on the prices rather than the occasional ‘error’ where the page cannot be refreshed. Prices are low on some items because you need to remember that this is cross-server. Blade&Soul mentioned that 2 Million people had signed up to play this game so lets split that evenly and we have 1 Million on EU and 1 Million on NA who will be effecting market prices with every purchase/listing. If your sole aim was to make money by cheating the market or crafting then I suggest you find new ways to gain blade & soul gold or switch your professions.
As for Bots, I don’t get why people get so mad. I see a bot in Arena and think “Yay! Free Kill” and if they’re some crazy hacking level then I just sigh and move on, no one will have a perfect 1000/0 Win streak.
But of course there will be a large ‘business’ element to the game because they have hundreds, if not thousands, of employees wages to pay. The same employees who are working on this game despite people like you critiquing every element of it.

Overall you just need to realise its still relatively new and massively popular. Any decline in numbers will eventually be sorted by merges (whenever they happen) and bots will eventually be removed after enough reports of the particular bot. Game and Launcher issues will improve with each patch as each previous patch has noted “optimization” in the patch notes. Either have some patience and await these issues to fix or go-ahead and boycott it as planned, but say even just 1 Million of the 2 Million are still playing – small numbers of ‘boycotters’ won’t get noticed. There is no way to fix the issues you’ve stated overnight.

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